Not Going … for a Change

Well, the deployment team has been decided for the next deployment.  I’m not on it.

The Minneapolis deployment will be done by the lady with whom I’ve been traveling for the last two software rollouts.  She’s flying solo on this one.

I was so happy not to have to go on this one.  It would’ve been Monday and Tuesday of next week, and fallen right across my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  I know it probably wouldn’t be a big deal — we could wish her happy birthday now and she wouldn’t know the difference — but it’s the principle.  I’d asked for the time off a couple of months ago, when the “Summer Schedule” spreadsheet was released.  At that time, my manager tried to cram too much information into a single, inefficiently designed grid, and it was a mess, but it did reflect my time off request.  When I asked him yesterday if he remembered I’d be out those days, he said, “No, but don’t feel bad that I don’t recall.  With everything going on for us right now I’m not keeping track of everything.”  Something to that effect.

At any rate, he asked if we wanted to “duke it out” to decide who was going.  He didn’t really seem to have an opinion.  So, the lady — who is an FTE for the company and has a company credit card — stepped forward and said she’d go … as long as she was going to have a full team of support personnel here.  That includes me, first and foremost.  I’m everyone’s first line of defense on our team.  Our manager, during HIS deployment last week, called me SIX TIMES for various reasons, and placed a slew of calls to other people too.  He sometimes calls before he even addresses the problem at all.  This is the technical support team manager.  Go figure.

So, now the person that hasn’t really done any hands on work with the software and installations — but she did write the documents and is comfortable with the process involved — is going alone.

I almost felt bad about it, but realized that this is what she signed on for; this is the reason she was hired onto the team in January.  Her job description is 40% travel, not mine.  She was supposed to be in charge of deployments and customer-facing relations during the roll-out.  So now she’s finally getting to do it.

There is one more to do … I may have to go on that one.  But I was so relieved and glad not to have to go on this one.

So now I’ve said it — thank you Lord, for getting me out of this one.  I’m really grateful.


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