New Word – Excessenary

ex-cess-e-nary: adj. – extremely necessary, necessary not just in normal quantities, but in excessive quantities.

This morning, my son came in to my room and was playing on the bed with my wife and I when I lamented aloud that there was no football today.  (Sorry, I don’t consider college ball “football” any more than I consider the Arena League “football”.  It’s a training ground for real football.)

He was mumbling something under his breath while I was doing so, but I couldn’t quite catch it.  So I asked him to repeat it.

He said, softly, “Don’t worry about football, dad … it’s not excessenary.”

I was startled at the clarity of the statement despite his linguistic mistake.  I could clearly make out what it was he was trying to communicate, but the word he’d created for the purpose was perfect.

A perfect blend of “excess” and “necessary.”  “Excessenary.”

He was trying to tell me I didn’t need to watch football today because he dislikes the time it takes away from him.  And the fact that I become very intense and rather cranky when my football is interrupted, which two young children are prone to do.  So he wanted to tell me it was unnecessary.

Contemplating his word, though, I realized it was the perfect word for the way I love the sport.  I can’t get enough of it.  I could sit there for days on end watching it, cheering until my voice is hoarse and my eyes droop with exhaustion.  And when there isn’t any to watch, I begin the slow, painful withdrawal process.  Football DTs, as it were.  I mope for weeks after the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl are aired, trying desperately to find some way to get at least some news of football in my system.

Quickly, I realized there were other uses for the word, in other contexts as well.  For example:

Mommy, it is excessenary that you change my diaper now.  (If only!)

Money is an excessenary evil.

Chocolate is excessenary for my wife once a month.

These are just a few of the many uses for  this wonderfully descriptive word.

Football, for me, is excessenary.  I need it.  And not just “enough” of it — I need it to excess.  Excessenary.

I like it.  Thanks, buddy — good word.

How about it, blogosphere?  What’s excessenary in your world?  How can you make use of this great new descriptor?  Any other parts of speech where it might be used?  Try it on for size and see how it fits.

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