A Busy Day on the Blogosphere

Well … I can tell by my hit count the holidays are over and you’re all back to your routines of reading and being read, sharing thoughts and catching up with fellow blogophiles. (Blogizens? Bloglodytes?) It’s nice to see you all again, and I hope your holiday season was happy, healthy, fun and safe, but most of all, richly blessed.

Those of you who never left already know I sure appreciated your company through the time. It was fun to be so close and intimate with a few of you, and to spend quiet winter evenings, muffled by the snow, with you. Sipping eggnog and brandy, Irish coffee and hot cocoa by the fireside in our comfy leather wingbacks, talking quietly in the deep stillness of the winter chill … I can’t think of any time more well-spent.

For those of you who are resolution-makers, what are they? Have you written them down yet? You should, you know; they become more real and less easily forgotten — or forsaken — when you do. πŸ˜‰

I just had my second-best day ever, in terms of page views, according my handy li’l stat counter here on WP’s dashboard. Thanks for stopping by, and for those of you indulging in the serial fiction — I sure hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to write, and I promise — by all that is holy, I promise!! — I’m going to continue working on a new one. Maybe not the one I’ve started (because I’ve not been happy with its plot so far), but on something new, I promise. Bear with me; the muse will return eventually. She’d better … the bitch.

Ahem. Sorry.

So, anyway … yes, I’m still sorely lacking in inspiration. I’ve been trying to re-examine what I’ve plotted in my new story, and at the same time ask myself if that’s the story I want to write now. In the meanwhile, I’ve come to grips with the idea that I have something pressing on me now, something urgent, something I need to resolve really quickly. It’s urgent, it’s critical and it’s not going away. It’s not going well, either. I have to take care of that issue first, before I move easily into fiction. If I can get some things happening there, I can focus more fully on writing. You know, relax … create … let the imaginative bowels move, if you will. (Okay, that was yucky. Sorry.)

Whatever turns out in these areas, I’m happy to see you all back. For those who felt my last post was a little moody … you’re right. It was. I’m fighting depression along with a lot of pressure from life in general, but hey — who’s not? I apologize, I wasn’t trying to be a downer. I hope you liked the prose, though. It was as close as I may have ever come to capturing my emotional state in words.

Have fun going back to work, and we’ll talk again soon. I promise.



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6 thoughts on “A Busy Day on the Blogosphere

  1. You can post whatever you like. I’ll read it. But I’m not sure I count anymore. You’ve already snagged my loyal readership. πŸ˜‰

    You have my prayers and my love. It’ll be all right, D.

  2. Oh, Sweet Sherri — you count more than I can ever say! You’re not just a loyal reader, you’re a trusted and beloved friend.

    Thank you for your support, thoughts, prayers and love. They mean so much. πŸ™‚

  3. You’re not being a downer. You’re reflective. I like coming to read what you have to say. It’s also nice having someone to talk to. :o)

    As far as your stories go. as I told you before I am patient and I would rather wait for you to put out something you feel good about instead of something you don’t believe in.

    I also hope you got a chance to read that story and if so hopefully you liked it.


  4. Raga, sweetie, between you and Sherri, I’m not going to be able to be a downer! You guys always manage to cheer me up even on the darkest of days, the deepest of broods. πŸ™‚

    I know you’ve said you’ll wait for my muse to return, and I appreciate it, Raga. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. I guess I’m just frustrated that it’s not happening right now. I want to write, I need to write, but I’m not able to write. It’s like having an itch I can’t scratch, you know?


    But, it’ll get better. Thanks for sticking around with a lazy, brooding, heavy-hearted writer with no muse. It means so much that Sherri, you, Bryce and my wife have stuck around. Ian comes by and encourages me too, when he’s able.

    Thank you all. πŸ™‚

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