Progress Report

Well, LOML and I have finished the backstory portion of Witch Hunt. We can’t tell yet how important that’s going to be for the reader, but it’s vital for us, as you writerly types know. So that’s out of the way, and now we can move forward with the plotting of the events that take place in the book. My Beloved has committed to helping me get this thing done soon, so there ought to be some writing happening here pretty soon. (Please, God.)

My other situation hasn’t changed at all. I don’t know if or when it will. If you’re the praying type, please do … we need it.

I feel confident that I can’t edit and write. I don’t know which is going to take priority. I don’t want it to take forever to do the edits on Ghost Hunters, but I don’t want to take forever getting back to Witch Hunt either. How do you other wannabes handle this? What do you do with two projects up in the air? It was probably a mistake to embark on both. I really wanted to ignore Ghost Hunters for a while longer, but was feeling pressured to get it cleaned up, too. No one’s fault but mine, but I kept having people tell me it needed this or that, and I felt obligated to act on those (very good, very helpful) suggestions. Now I feel I should’ve stuck to my guns and ignored this for a while longer, and maybe finished (or at least gotten well into) my second book before tackling this one. Or maybe I should just commit to getting GH finished.

I know as soon as I do that, I’m going to want to work on a query letter and things like that. I have no idea how to do things like a synopsis, query letter, or any of the other things that have to be done to get this in front of people that can do something about me being a wannabe.

Any thoughts, blogosphere? How do I balance this? Should I even try?

Holla, y’all.


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4 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Hmm, that is a conundrum. You have to do what feels best to you. You wanted to let GH rest for a while longer, so do that. Just put it all away, take it off deviantArt and delete the links to your blogposts, because if people are reading it, they’re likely to give feedback. Keep it to yourself. Let it simmer in the dark.

    We should chat later.

  2. Sherri – HI! It’s good to see you. I think you’ve given me some great advice here … it’s something I’ll give a lot of thought to, thank you. Thank you very much — as always, your input is invaluable to me.

    Let’s try and connect. I’d love to chat.

  3. Hi Knyt,

    Personally, I need variety in my life. I would say work on one until you’re blocked, then pick up the other for a little while. It can help you get a little distance from your work so it’s fresh when you get back to it. It can also break things up a bit. You can combine that option with Sherri’s idea about getting GH out of the public eye.

    Just a thought…

  4. Hi, Amateur! What a joy to see you here again!

    I think you and Sherri are really onto something here. I’m seriously going to take a look at which I feel is more pressing and work on it until I’m bored with it. That’s a really good suggestion.

    Thanks again!

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