A Glimmer of Hope

I don’t know if it’s the light at the end of the tunnel or just the headlight of the oncoming train, but I see a glimmer in the distance. I can only pray it’s not too late for us.

Those of you who know our private situation know what I’m talking about. Those of you that don’t, well … if you pray, please pray for us. Things could be turning around, if God is willing. There’s a couple of things on the horizon, none of which involve being a famous and rich published author, but we’re grateful just the same. As with all things, there’s always a catch, and it may yet come to naught, but at least there’s a bright spot.

God bless, all, and thank you for all your support.


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11 thoughts on “A Glimmer of Hope

  1. Sherri – Yes, it is what you think it is, and please do! We appreciate the support, sweetie.

    Raquita – Oh, thank you so much! We surely need all the prayers we can get, and we will remember you and Jerry fondly in our prayers too. God bless and thank you again; you don’t know how much we appreciate it.

    Thanks to all, and God bless you.

  2. Sherri – Of course, when I said “please do” earlier … I did not mean the “keep your mouth shut” part … only the fingers-crossed part … ahem …

    Thanks for supporting us, hon. We love you.

  3. RAGA! Wow, I’m so glad to see you! I know you’ve had your own stuff going on, and I hoped you’d come by! I’m so glad to see you!

    Thank you for coming by, hon. We’ll keep everyone apprised of our situation as the events warrant. *Hugs!* I hope you’re doing okay.

  4. Bryce, thank you so much, bud. I’m really glad to have your support. Friends like you don’t come along often; I’m really glad our paths crossed.

    I’ll make sure everyone gets an update as soon as I can.

    God bless!

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