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image Well, based on my search terms today, I’ve got some folks poking around my blog. My hit count’s not phenomenal, but I haven’t updated with anything truly interesting today, either.

So, let me address some of these things. I love to help a body out when I can.

childhood memoirs of trauma

imageWell … I have a page at the top of my blog here called “Childhood Memoirs.” In it, there’s an autobiographical truth-and-fiction (that is, dramatized a bit) story of what I think of as a pretty common trauma for kids. If my “Top Posts” category is any indication, you found it.

So, I assume you know what that’s about now. I hope you enjoyed it.

But my childhood was filled with lots of other, more serious (and some would argue long-term damaging) traumas. I grew up in a household that seemed idyllic and bucolic from the outside, but within was teeming with festering wounds and maggots writhing in gangrenous flesh. There was a lot of really terrible things going on in that house, but I didn’t recognize them until much later, when I could process them through the mind of an adult and had a fair measure of normalcy to weigh it against. I hope you didn’t surf looking for answers to those types of traumas; and if you did, I hope you’re all right. I will pray for you, cyber-traveler.


I’ve been experimenting with ScribeFire for a couple of days now, and quite a few of my latest posts were written in it. Why? Why not my beloved and oh-so-magnificent Windows Live Writer?

Couple of reason. First, I wanted access to my blog stats page without having to flip back and forth between my browser and the application with which the entry was created. I use a nifty utility called FireShot to do the images I’ve uploaded, too. A review of that piece of finery is coming soon. But the other reason is I’m trying to wean myself from WLW in preparation for going … Linux.

That’s right. I’m seriously considering going Linux. I have a couple of commercial applications that I use on a daily (or nearly daily) basis and have paid for that I’m going to dearly miss. Page Four is one of them. I have to see if it works under WINE in Linux, because I really love that thing, and do not want to give it up. But it’s a Windows-only application. yWriter, though, DOES work in WINE and the creator gives it away. In further preparation for the move, I’m going to be migrating my fiction to yWriter and getting as much information from its author as I can, and will probably use it in conjunction with JDarkRoom to do my writing. I’m also going to be losing the finest outlining program I’ve ever used, designed for writing: Text Tree. That sucks. I thought it was Java, though, so I have to ask Bryce over at Baby Katie Media if it is. I don’t want to lose that one either.

So, ScribeFire is detailed more heavily here. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts if you decide to try it for yourself.

patriot fan masshole

That’s right, boy! Patriots fans to the core. But — and this is something that’s really hard for me to say — I will be a Masshole in name only from now on. The Patriots were humbled in Super Bowl XLII, and it really, really upset me. My wife too. It seemed so … well, never mind that. What I learned, though, is that there are some very gentle, very supportive, and very wonderful fans of other teams out there. None of them were Giants fans, but they were Colts and Cowboys fans. They were loving, and kind in their handling of my wife and I. While SB42 will likely be considered the best Super Bowl ever played by a lot of people (and moreso because the Pats lost), those tender-hearted fans that made it go down a little easier for my wife and I helped us get through a tough thing. Nope, my days of being a Pats fan will never be numbered. My days of being a Masshole are, period.

alternative zu scribefire

Uh … I don’t even know what that means. Sorry I can’t assist. There are a couple of alternatives to ScribeFire, if that’s what you’re looking for. One is Deepest Sender, which I didn’t like. YMMV. Take a look and see for yourself.

how to install darkroom software

This is a no-brainer. Download the ZIP file. Unpack it to the place you want to install it. Run the EXE file. That’s it. The only Caveat is, you have to have .net Framework 2.0 or greater installed. (I use it with .net FW 3.0 flawlessly.) It’s a great program, and I did a review of it here.   You can get it here.  Oh, and if you’re wondering, I compared it to JDarkRoom here, too. Hope that helps.

Well, I hope I’ve been able to help a few of you here. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that your wayward searches that led you here were at least fruitful in entertainment. If you come back, feel free to drop a line. I love hearing from folks that wander through, even if they don’t stick around or become blogulars. But if you like anything you’ve seen, bookmark me in a social site-sharing service and tell the world, okay? πŸ™‚

God bless, everyone.


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11 thoughts on “Search Terms – Something for Everyone

  1. Dan – Wow, thanks! I appreciate you doing that and letting me know. I’ll check out the links you provided and will get those downloads ASAP.

    Thanks for reading, too, Dan, and hope you pop back in anytime and leave us a note. Welcome. πŸ™‚

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