Search Terms – Cropping with FireShot

Here’s one I found in my search terms today:

image This is an easy one.

First, download FireShot here and install it per the instructions (pretty easy). Then, navigate to the page you want to take a snap shot of, and then have FireShot open it in the Editor. You can do that by right-clicking and choosing “FireShot – Take screen shot and …” from the context menu. Then select “Edit …” from the submenu. Just like that, the picture opens up in the FireShot image editor, and it’s a snap from there.

With the image editor open, click on the “Select” button, and then draw the section of the image you want to crop to. When that’s done, the section will become grayed out and there will be drag-n-drop resizing handles around the selection area. The sidebar will then change, and one of the icons on it will be “Crop”.

Click on this, and voila! The image is cropped to the selection. Just that easy.

If you’re a blogger and aren’t using FireShot, but are using FireFox, shame on you! It’s a great tool and very useful for things like … well, like this post, for instance, or the one over at the Writer’s Nesst.

Check it out. I can’t endorse it enough. It’s really nice.

Hope that helps, Searcher. Best of luck.



2 thoughts on “Search Terms – Cropping with FireShot

  1. Hey, developer, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m really glad to see you here.

    As with the link in the other post about FireShot, I’ve updated this one with your link suggestion. Thanks again.

    Come by anytime. 🙂

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