Search Terms: The Ongoing Oddity

So, I found something else weird in my search terms here.  I wish I could tell you this is completely foreign and wrong, that it has no bearing at all, no business being in my search terms, but I can’t do that.  I just can’t.  Why?

Well … it sorta fits.  Sadly.

What is it you ask?  Gaze and wonder, oh blogosphere, upon the ultimate description of me:


I wish I could deny the allegation.  I wish I could refute the claim.  I wish it weren’t so danged applicable.  But there it is — a dossier on me in a single, tiny phrase.

How’d you know?  How’d you know, O Seeker of Slackjaw Ugly, that you’d find me here?  I was so well-hidden, so anonymous, so peacefully, blissfully disguised behind a screen of text and images.  I thought no one would ever find me.  Yet you did.  You’ve ratted me out.

Okay, seriously — how’d you know?



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