Weird Search Terms: Itching for Answers

Well, at least it’s not … fecal in nature. It has nothing to do with sticking a hose into any orifice and flushing like a car radiator. Or doing so in a public facility, either. So, those are all positives, right?

Still … it’s getting a little strange. If I stop and think about it too long, it leads me down Stephen King-esque pathways. I probably could squeeze a story or two out of it if I tried.

It’s just weird, though. It makes me stop and wonder what is going on in someone’s head. My suggestion to the searcher: try WebMD first, and a general search later.

imageThat’s a pretty strange search term to lead someone to my blog, don’t you think? I mean, what in the world could I do, or have done, to make someone find me with that? I’m already the undisputed King of ass-hosing. What manner of oddity is this, and will I become the King of that, too?

Yeesh. I’d recommend something like Tinactin if I thought it’d help; but you’d think the searcher would’ve either gone to a doctor or tried OTC remedies before launching a Google assault on the problem.

Most of the time I like to try and help my searchers, but lately I’m not able to help them. And I ain’t gettin’ anywhere near anything that’s hot, itchy and tingly unless it’s one of my wife’s or kids’. Sorry.

Best of luck with your … uh … search. Sorry I can’t be of assistance, but … no. I can’t. And actually I guess I’m not all that sorry I can’t be, either.

*Shudder!* I’m glad you can’t catch anything over the Internet.



2 thoughts on “Weird Search Terms: Itching for Answers

  1. Hey, Amateur, I’m glad you came by. I read your blog and was happy to hear (read) you were feeling better. You had us all worried.

    I’m an open book – literally! I swear I’m hiding nothing. I’m just … a weird magnet, I guess. 🙂

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