Another Update Thingy

Well, another glimmer of hope today. One on Monday, one today, and more good news from another source when I got back. I’ve been incommunicado all afternoon, but I’m back now. I hope things have been well with you all while I was away.

Thing is, I won’t know about this one until next week. It’s got its ups and downs, like anything, but the downs are bigger downs, I guess. We’ll certainly have to see how it goes. If you’re the praying type, we could use all you can spare. Monday’s glimmer hasn’t panned out at all yet, but hope does spring eternal, so we’re not giving up.

Not much else to say. I haven’t been writing and I did do some outlining a few days ago (on Witch Hunt, if you’re curious). That means, given where I am emotionally right now, I could get something done on the outlined portions later tonight, maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.

I know this isn’t very interesting, but those of you who know our personal situation know that things are very, very tenuous right now. It’s really hard for us to see anything except what’s right in front of us. And this situation is right smack in front of us, headed at us like a runaway freight train. Please bear with us; we’re doing our best. I hope my blog will get more interesting when I have more I can think about but … don’t hold your breath. I’m pretty boring.

Thank you to all that have offered support, love and concern, a shoulder to whine on and sympathy and/or empathy. I really bless you for it, and we love you all so much. Thanks.

God bless, y’all.



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