Weird Search Terms: Pole Dancing, Etc.

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends,
we’re so glad you could attend! Come inside, come inside!
-Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Yes, indeedy, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone that excludes, it’s time once again to see the weirdness in the DarcKnyt search terms repository! See the freaks — and be left shivering in creeping gooseflesh! See the comedy, and struggle to restrain your bladder! See the kookiness, the oddity, the bizarre world of my search terms.

Okay, let’s see what Uncle Fester has for us today:

You should be seeing weird search terms here.

Ah, yes! Behold, the Dingleballs of doom!

For the person doing a search for those: What the hell are they, and why are you here?? (Sorry, no offense but … aren’t these those weird things you cram up your sweetheart’s ass during sex? You know, they come on a nylon rope or something? Am I the only one that knows about these? Or am I totally off here?)

So, anyway … moving on.

Ghost Hunters in Cleveland, TN., huh? Well, I hadn’t really thought of ol’ Cleveland as a particularly haunted place, but what do I know? Is that the site of a lot of civil war battles? At least a few? What kinds of hauntings are we talking about there? I lived and played not too far away from there in Rossville, GA., so I’m kinda-sorta familiar with the setting. What’s up down there with the specters?

Finally, we have cyclone fence poles. Oh yeah, baby. Now you’re talkin’ my language, now you’re movin’ to my beat, now you’re in my ‘hood, now you’re … anyway, here’s something you might enjoy. Let me know if you do.

So, all-in-all, not too weird today. Except dingleballs. Man, I should have thought more carefully about the name of that post. I really should. Because now all night I’m going to be thinking about those ridiculous plastic spheres strung onto a nylon rope.

Honey? Whatcha doin’ right now?


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11 thoughts on “Weird Search Terms: Pole Dancing, Etc.

  1. Laughing, that’s what I’m doing, laughing! I always thought dingleballs were the little fuzzy balls attached to some kind of fabric or something – we used to see them all the time when we were kids, in the teenagers cars. Remember? It was “decoration.” If you had an Impala, you had dingleballs.


  2. Bart — Yes, those are similar in genus to the dingleballs my loving wife referenced. I do hope a dingleball authority comes by to state emphatically and finally what they are, what they’re used for, and why we care.

    Sorry about my other comment! I saw the last name in the email and thought you were Bryce. Thanks for coming by!

  3. I was totally wrong about what dingleballs meant apparently. I won’t say what I thought they were so you won’t think I’m a sicko, but I did learn something new today so that’s a good thing!


  4. Heh, now who do we know that wrote a short story about dingleballs and outhouse walls? I thik you said they were the funky little balls on someone’s tennis socks. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, I have a mind like a steel trap and sometimes it’s even open.

  5. I thought dingleballs were something that gets caught in your tushy area, omg I’m turning so red here, that collect after you wipe said area with toilet paper. But now I think they’re called dingleberries. :”>

  6. Raga — EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! You sicko! JUST KIDDING!! HAHAHA!! I’m sorry, I’m evil.

    Yes, the items you describe I’ve heard were called “dingleberries”. Not that I’d know.

    Penfury — Yep, you caught me!! I guess I brought this on myself, what with my sick childhood memories and such. πŸ˜‰ Good catch!! :Thanks for coming by!!

  7. Damiyantig — It’s fine, I’m glad you like them. If nothing else I have to say is interesting, at least I can entertain you with those strange searches and my responses. πŸ˜‰

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