What’s Up with Me

My two year-old is laying on the couch. She’s alert and talkative, singing songs from Dora the Explorer (UGH), but she’s laying still. That’s a bad sign.

A little earlier, my six year-old was sneezing and coughing mildly, almost like he was faking. Now he’s trying to play video games and is still sneezing and coughing. A quick mommy-hand temp check brought about the digital thermometer confirmation: A slight fever.

This is how it started for Dad, too, a few days ago. I was coughing, felt like there was a tickle at the back of my throat that wouldn’t wash down no matter how much fluid I tossed down my gullet. In a few hours I was shaking and achy, and tight-chested. My hope is that the air is just dry in here, and they’re okay. My heart hopes they’re not getting what I’ve had since Thursday. My head knows better. They’ve been cooped up in the house with me for all this time, and it was only a game of roulette until they contracted whatever the plague is that has me still chugging Tylenol and Ibuprofen to hold the body aches at bay.

I coughed so hard over the course of time I’ve been ill that my ribs scream in agony whenever I sneeze or cough now. I actually fight the coughs to keep the pain from ripping through me. I’ve hurt so bad I actually cry out after every hacking episode. What a wuss. I can only hope for my poor babies, it’ll be less severe. They’re generally cut from more rugged cloth than I am, so maybe it’ll be a faster pass through the crap and they’ll suffer less with it.

The countdown has begun. On Wednesday I start a new phase of my life, and I can only hope that things open up enough for us to follow through on the plans we’ve made to make sure the scariness of the last three months doesn’t visit us again. I can’t say right now if that’s going to be the case, because the future is never set. But we hope, at the end of this 12-month period, we have a dual-pronged lever to use to get us through to better times at the end of this path. I know I have to do something; I’ve not taken my life by the horns in this area yet. I can’t tell you why. But I have to. The good news is, I think it’ll be possible to do it and to do writing, at least in the evenings … when time and energy permit. So, that’s the plan. And we all know life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.

Not much else to say. I had wonderful ambitions about finishing the edits for Ghost Hunters and writing at least one part of Witch Hunt, but neither of those came to pass thanks to the bug that took me down. I’m on the upswing — God, I hope so anyway — but I still don’t have a lot of energy and inspiration to write. I’ll get on that the moment I feel I can.

Phone orientation Monday; then the wait and watch of the clock. I’m excited, and for whatever reason, not really nervous. I should be, but I’m not. I must be sicker than I thought.

More interesting things to post when … well, when I have more interesting things to post. 🙂

God bless, all. Please pray for the kids. I so hoped it would be just me, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case. Bummer.


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5 thoughts on “What’s Up with Me

  1. You get sick like I do. Where you give the world to just stop feeling so bad. I feel for the kiddos, it’s always hard when they don’t feel good. Get better soon and I’ll keep you all in my thoughts.


  2. Raga — Thanks, sweetie. YES, I’m a HUGE whiner when I get sick! I want the world to stop and take care of me. I want everything to be better instantly and would do anything to have it be so. I’m a wuss. 😉 But I have a lot of guilt about the kids and now V being sick too. They’re all coming down with it, and all she says is “I’ll be fine. They’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.” God, I hope so.

    Sherri — Thanks, darling. We love ya.

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