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It’s too bad Post2Blog – a desktop blogging client for Windows – has been discontinued. It was a neat product that did a lot of cool things. While I don’t think it’s as slick as Windows Live Writer, it had a lot of potential. None of that potential can be realized now, but it was there. A little dedication and time, a supportive user community, and Post2Blog could’ve been one of the great ones.

Their own website sends you off to download WLW, so that will tell you everything you need to know right there. However, despite the fact that Post2Blog hasn’t been maintained or updated in something like 2 years, it’s still a very good product.

One of the things I like most about P2B is the ability to make it portable. There are ways to make WLW portable, too, and they’re nifty and cool, but it’s clunky and rich, feature-bloated. So when you try to run it on a USB flash drive that gives you less than 10Mb in-and-out transfer rates, it can take five to six minutes to launch the product. P2B is much, much lighter. It creates it’s own portable app folder and runs entirely from there, so there’s no transfer to and from the Windows registry. That basically means that, as fast as your USB stick can spew the data, the program will run. On my home PC, it absolutely flies. I’ve used it portably too, though, and while there is a performance hit (that’s always going to be true), it was truly minimal.

img3The interface for P2B is simple, clean and very understandable. It’s able to go out and update your blogs and the categories automagically. I can also set the post time and date, and allows you to edit the HTML code directly for your post. While it tries to recognize the WordPress “More” tag, it doesn’t fill it in correctly; I had to put it in manually. But P2B uploaded the post correctly and showed the proper code in the actual post on the WordPress dashboard.

Inserting images is easy, too, but setting the alignment and margins around them is a bit trickier than it is in WLW. This is an area where a good number of blogging clients fall short of WLW’s ease of use. (There are other areas, too, but that’s a big one if you like using images.) The window seems a bit cluttered and confusing, but that could just be me. I’m easy to confuse.


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