Software Review – BlogDesk

Well, BlogDesk is yet another Windows offline, or desktop, blogging client, and it’s the last one I’m going to talk about for a while. I don’t have any more software to review after this, and I think I’ve done this one before (my memory ain’t what it used to be), so I’m going to take a break from doing reviews for a little while after this one. At least until I get some ideas regarding what might be interesting to review.

So, anyway — back to BlogDesk. BlogDesk is easily the least resource-intensive offline blogging client I’ve seen so far. It’s the smallest in terms of footprint and is very fast and agile when running. It has the benefit of being very simple and clean in its interface, but the Spartan GUI also means some things that could be useful may not be there.

ImageFor example, you can see that it does all the standard things a blog client ought to do — allows you to add categories and will generate Technorati (and other tag site) tags. (This is found under the “Extras” menu.) But it does do a couple of things that others don’t, and I really like some of them.

One in particular is the Notebook feature. Press F6 or choose “Notebook” from the “Extras” menu and you’ll get a tiny little secondary editor window for your use. Here you can jot down notes and ideas about your blogging topic, or anything that strikes you for that matter, I suppose. You can categorize the notes, too, and they’re automatically saved when you close the Notebook window.


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