I’m So Sorry, Folks …

I seem to be coughing a little more today that I was yesterday, but I have a full weekend left to get better.

I have perhaps the worst case of writer’s block I’ve ever had.  If not ever, then certainly since I stopped writing for something like 10 years.  It’s so bad I haven’t even done any editing.  That’s bad.

I didn’t really have anything weird, interesting or even read-worthy to say, so I didn’t post today.  I mean, I’m posting now, but … well, you know.

I sat through Alien 3 with my son yesterday, and today he and I watched the original Alien movie.  He watched end-to-end, and seemed to really like it.  It’s interesting how a movie nearly 30 years old can still hold my attention and the attention of a new audience.

Other than that, nothing — and I mean nothing — is going on.

Sorry.  Just thought you should know.  Not that you’d care, only that you deserved to know.



4 thoughts on “I’m So Sorry, Folks …

  1. Sherri — I’m better, sweetie, don’t get me wrong. I’m not 100% yet, and that probably won’t happen for a while. But I’m well enough to begin the new job (whether I’m ready or not) and get back to life. But I’ve had to give up on the last few weeks of writing for a lot of reasons and that bums me out.

    Of course, there’s always today, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by, hon. Love ya.

  2. We do care, you know. Here’s a prayer and good vibes for feeling 100% soon and absolutely loving and rocking the new job. Hugs to you and the family.

  3. Penfury — Oh, thank you sweetie. You’re such a joy. We’re so happy you’ve come along for this ride with us, and sharing your compassion and joy with us. We’ll be praying and caring about you right alongside, hon. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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