Do You Remember When I Said … ?

… it was stupidity itself not to own an umbrella in the Midwest?  Do you know why I said that?

Let me give you the setting:

I’m sitting in a conference call watching a web demonstration of some really kick ass software used for digital signage.  That is, the signs are these really bad-ass plasma screens or LCDs you find in airports, bank elevators, malls, places where you work — anywhere your mind needs to be bombarded and programmed.  The signs are showing you live, active content.  Stuff like a scrolling stock ticker in the lower portion of the screen, maybe the current weather in the upper left, the right side of the screen is a crawling advertisement and the middle of the screen is a changing blurb about whatever.  You’ve seen ’em, right?  They’re one step closer to the vision of advertising portrayed in Minority Report (the movie, at least — never read the book; loved that movie though).

Well, somewhere along the line, the company has to have a server dish that content to the screens.  It actually has a server — or bank of servers — that feed the content via either HTML, XML, RSS or some other computer web media acronym, to display computers, or players.  The players then feed the software the content and URLs and any other crapola they need to show you that content in various areas of those bad-ass monitors, and thus control your mind with images moving at the speed of light giving you suggestions to buy, sell, invest, own, or whatever.

So, I’m watching a demo of the software in this conference call/web demo (where the demo is fed over the web via something like GoToMyMeeting, or similar services).  And I’m facing a window that looks north.  On a clear day, I could’ve seen some of the skyline of the Big City.  Today?  Clouds.

And what, pray tell, was happening via those clouds?


5 thoughts on “Do You Remember When I Said … ?

  1. Leafless — Glad I could help! LOL! Nice to see you again!

    Sherrikins — Yep. You’re right — there’s always my silver lining locator to keep me on track with the bright side! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you sweets!

  2. Sherri — It’s okay. Some things are good, some aren’t. The ones that aren’t include things like spending FOUR HOURS of my LIFE, EVERY DAY, getting TO and FROM work. That’s never going to be a positive, no matter how someone tries to gild it.

    Still, not everything is BAD, either, and sometimes I need a reminder that it’s okay to see good things when they’re there. IF they’re there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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