1 Down, 51 to Go …

Well, I was going to do some weird search terms today, but alas — there are no weird search terms for me to highlight, frankly.  My blog has been clean and bright, and people seem to be finding it more for valuable content than for weirdness lately.

That’s good news.  At least if the Internet is stupidly weird, I don’t have to see it.

Anyway, my first week is gone.  I’m still a bit leg-weary, but they’re not sore.  Despite the fact they burn like hell while I’m making my way to and from the train station, they don’t have the tell-tale muscle ache of being out of shape.  Nope.  That happened on Wednesday and I had to work through it.  So there.  No pain, no pain, right?  Oh, wait — I mean “gain”.  Yeah.  GAIN.  We benefit by hurting ourselves … somehow.

Anyway, the first week went by pretty well.  I didn’t get TONS done, but I got a few things accomplished.  The fact that the manager and the full-time resource he has aren’t in agreement about things makes life interesting.  One makes a change.  The other changes it again.  It’s changed back by the first one.  The second changes it again.  No one’s talking.  The manager, finally realizing this, stops the madness and says he’ll get with the team member and we’ll all discuss changes.

That’s ONE document down.  Only about 640 to go.

51 more weeks.  If I don’t chicken out of that 20-hours of travel per WEEK and find something else sooner.

God bless, y’all, and thanks for supporting us through the hardest parts.

We love ya.



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