Search Terms

Let’s do some search terms, shall we? We haven’t done it for a while, and I have to admit, I’m grateful we haven’t. This is because I usually do “Weird Search Terms”, and haven’t been able to lately. And that’s because the ‘Netizens haven’t been searching for anything weird, and if they have, they haven’t found my blog as a result. So … *whew*.

Anymahoo, there’s a few that are sort of worth addressing, so I’ll address them:

FireShot Search Terms 3-26-08Okay, so … let’s talk first about Page Four vs. Liquid Story Binder. These are both software packages designed for writers and writing. I’ve been using Page Four for a few months now, and I have nothing but warm, loving things to say about it. I love it. Clean interface, good functionality if not total functionality, and a tidy place for an author to keep almost everything you need to get your book written except your imagination. It’s broken up into Notebooks, which contain pages. Each notebook can either be a book in itself, or a part of a large, single book, depending on how you want to use it. I make each book I’m working on it’s own book. In those notebooks, you can create folders. Those folders can then sub-divide the pages of the notebook. It’s great. I love it. Very flexible, and you can do whatever you want with folders. I like to keep one folder for characters, one for the first draft, one for first, second, etc. edits, and another for the scraps — pieces I wasn’t happy with or didn’t belong in the book for whatever reason. Excellent system, and very well-designed. On the down side, there isn’t an outliner, and if you like outlining your books, you’ll need an external outliner (unless you don’t mind having a page in one of your notebooks devoted to an outline). My personal, all-time favorite outlining software is Bryce Beattie’s Text Tree. You can find it over here. Page Four’s awesomeness can be found over here. I recommend it with five full stars; it’s a fabulous program and is very, very easy to use until you get into snapshots and backups. See their documentation for more on that.

Liquid Story Binder XE is also a writer’s software. But, where Page Four is simple and clean, LSB is whatever you want it to be. I mean that. If you like a clean, uncluttered interface, you can set it up that way. If you like a lot of windows open you can flip through and work with, you can do that too. Do you like music when you write? You can set the book you’re working on to have a particular piece of music play. Want pictures of your protagonist, antagonist, comic relief character and the evil alien creature conquering the Earth? It’s got a gallery you can set up with either photos, drawings or whatever images you want. Know a lot about your characters and need every ounce of that information to write about them? Set up dossiers on every character you have. Do you want to have all of those files available for you when any one of them is open? Create associations between them all. Open the association and you’ll have all the files you’ve linked together in them.


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