Weird Search Terms – The Return

image Okay, so I haven’t done any weird search terms for bit, because as I mentioned last time, I haven’t really had any. Today, however, dear blogulars, this has changed. I guess not having any weirdness come my way was too much to hope for on the Interweird, and the quiet was too good to last.

So, I check my search terms, and what do I find?

Well, you can see it there in the picture for yourself.

Now, to be honest with you, I have no idea how the hell this came to me. I have not now, nor have I ever, known any pole dancing terms. I don’t do any pole dancing, for that way lies madness for those who dare view it. And what kind of “terms” go along with this sort of activity?

I’ve participated in a lot of industries and hobbies that have their own specialized jargon. Hell, I work in the computer industry, for pity’s sake. That’s dang near a language all its own. And I’ve built furniture too, and have done some animation work, and have been drawing most of my life, so I’m familiar with the specialized terms in some of those areas as well. I’ve worked for electronics manufacturing firms, pharmaceutical firms, the telecommunications industry, and a hospital once, briefly. And I read lolcats on a regular basis. Therefore, I am no stranger to jargon, specialized terms and unique phrases. Generally, I can figure them out. But this?

I’d have a better chance of figuring out Mandarin Chinese on my own than I would of figuring out what sort of “terms” one uses in the pole dance industry.

Wax? I’m sure that’s gotta be one, right? “Lubricant” and all its connotations, surely. But … what else? I mean, “undulation” isn’t a specialized term, and neither is “tip” or “lap dance” … is it? “Topless” certainly has found common usage.

So what are the terms for pole dancers?

And is this academic research? A biographer’s efforts to understand someone? Did someone read Diablo Cody and not understand everything she said, so they’re trying to put it all together?

I’d think the best place for this sort of search, unlike my blog, would be someplace like this. Maybe.

Good luck sojourner. I know you found nothing here. Sorry.

Not really.


UPDATE: LOML indicates that waxing or lubricating a dance pole could cause a serious accident. So, now I’m really lost. Oh well … thanks for the advice, babe. How’d you know that, anyway? What’re you doing while I’m at work all day?




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