I don’t have a lot to say, except the hits just keep on comin’.

Just when we think we’ve gotten some space, a breath of air, the water rises back into our nostrils and makes us choke, hack and spew all over again.  Treading water is no f*cking fun.

I wanted to have something fun for you today, but no.  It’s not in me right now.  I’m sorry.

On the bright side, I’ve learned how much I value all of you.  How much you’re all so different than most everyone else I’ve ever had in my life, how much more valuable you are.  How much more stable, loving, kind, caring.  How much more I love you all than I thought I could.

The hits just keep on comin’, and I will keep turning to you.  And keep holding onto my loving, wonderful, beautiful wife, who somehow bears it all and manages to stay.  She looks me in the eye and tells me she loves me somehow, and that’s a miracle more mysterious than any other I’ve seen or read about.

God bless you all.  Please know we love you, each and every one.



7 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I love you too! But you knew that already. 🙂

    This sounds so lame but that expression it’s always darkest before the dawn gives me hope when life is in the pooper. I know times are hard but you really do have people that care about you and want nothing but happiness for you. I’ll keep you and your beautiful family in my heart and keep trying to win the lotto for us all.

    Hugs and loves!


  2. Raga — Yes, I do know it. You prove it all the time, and I’ll never forget you for it. We adore you so much, you’re a bright beacon in our lives. *Hug*

    I hope it’s the dark before the dawn; I really do. But … time will show. 🙂

  3. heyyyyy this blog is awesom and i like the gir pic. that was cool thats why i went on ur blog! well im ganna check out some other blogs! hope you get lots of coments!

  4. lilunicorn123 — Thanks. I don’t know what picture of GIR you’re referring to though; my dA page has one, but I didn’t think I had one here. I have an avatar of ZIM, is that what you meant?

    Thanks for coming by. What’s your site name?

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