Decisions, Decisions …

I tried to think about what sort of post I could write today.  Normally, I try to have them prepared in advance, so I can give them thought, depth, character and flavor.

Last night I had other things on my mind, and didn’t do that.  Then I spent too much time watching TV and didn’t do it.  Then I went to bed and couldn’t sleep, and didn’t do it.  And today, I got nuthin’.

So, I have an angsty poem I wrote a few days ago.  I published it on my DeviantART page, but not here.  I know some of you are poets — good ones — and me?  I’m not a poet.  At all.  So I wasn’t sure I wanted to put up something angsty here in the grown-up blogosphere.  (DeviantART is NOT a grown-up web site; trust me.)

Or, I could write you some new fiction, but with the horrific imaginative constipation I’ve got going on, it might be a while — a long while — before I get around to that.  It would definitely be some time before it was ready for public view.  So I have nothing to offer you today.

Or I could put up one of those dumb-ass meme things.  But no one plays when I do, and I suck at it anyway, so … nah.

Or, I could regale you with tales of my journey from the train to work, or back.  Or the people I see on the train.  (I actually have names for some of the regulars.)   But I figure, that’s pretty boring.  I mean, most of you have your own commute to deal with five days a week or more — why would you want to read about mine, for God’s sake??  So … meh.  Or I could tell you about how things are going on my new job.  But that would be a pretty short post.  Not that short posts from me are bad.

So — any suggestions?  What should I blog about today?

God bless all!


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