If I Can’t Write, I May as Well Read

A special thanks to all of the encouraging friends and family who’ve shown me some love during this dry and miserable spell. I really appreciate it.

I don’t know how else to say thank you, except with those meager words, but the support you’ve all offered has meant more to me than I’ll ever be able to say. And while I’m pathetic at expressing the gratitude I feel, I’ll never forget how you all rallied around me when I couldn’t have needed it more. (Well … maybe I could’ve needed it more, but thank God I didn’t need it more. I needed it enough, or maybe a little more than enough, but in any case, you delivered.) I will never forget. And I’ll be there for you if the time ever comes for me to do so.

In the meantime, since I’m writing doodly-squat, there are lots of other wonderful, great writers on the Internet, and some of you are prolific readers. What’s on your reading list? What have you read, or are you reading now, that you love(d)? What was great about it? What stinks?

For me, it’s been horror fiction. I assume it’s fiction, anyway. I finished both of Joe Hill (King)’s books, Twentieth Century Ghosts and Heart Shaped Box in the last two months. I loved them both. Joe has a great, relaxed and casual style that fits very well with the way I like to tell stories. I know they’ve been out for a while and you’ve all probably read them already, but I don’t follow literary scenes very well. Or any other scenes, for that matter, except the scenes of my son’s acted-out movies. I studied Joe’s work for things like “-ly” words, “was”, “were”, “had”, “has” — all the stupid things that plague my own writing. His wasn’t perfect, by any means, and there it was — in my hands, in print. I know it’s possible. I thought some of my work might make it someday, too.

I think Joe’s short stories are terrific. Twentieth Century Ghosts is a collection of his short fiction, and the title’s misleading. There’s only one ghost story in the whole thing. But, they were all well executed, I thought; interesting, well worded, and I didn’t find a lot of repetition in voice. Joe’s very capable of expressing things from a number of perspectives. I look forward to more of his work. I think I’ll add his website to my sidebar of writer’s resources. Or something.

So, what about you? What’s keeping pages turning for you? I doubt I’ve heard of the author unless it’s a big name, like King, Koontz, Clancy, etc., so you don’t have to go into a lot of detail there — but what about the book itself? What’s the style like? What grabs you about it, what do you wish the author would do differently, or what would you do different if it were your work?

Sound off, blogosphere — I wanna hear from ya.

God bless, everyone!


8 thoughts on “If I Can’t Write, I May as Well Read

  1. Reading? You mean for fun? Fiction? Yeah, okay. No I haven’t done much. Between my own blogging, writing and keeping up with news, I am barely keeping up. Throw child and husband and grown kids into the mix….and well….I still go to the bookmobile and leaf through and read the reviews of new things that come out. I have Chuck Palahnuik’s Stranger than Fiction to finish and have found what i’ve read quite good. I love his fiction style. Short sentences that give you the feeling of conversation or listening in on thoughts. First person – which a tough room to play. Snarky too.

    Mostly during blocks I blog more and scan constantly for ideas in the news. I get a lot of my ideas from read about science and politics.

  2. Anniegirl1138 — I haven’t even considered using the news. My wife is all over that, but me? I check the weather and that’s about it. 🙂

    Thanks for the advice, and if you get a chance to read, be sure to let me know what’s good!

    Thank you so much for coming by! I’m sure glad you’re back!

  3. I’ve actually been reading the Lord of the Rings series. I’ve never read it before and it’s really phenomenal.

    I have a recommendation for you: If you’ve never read Ted Dekker, go…right now…get one of his books. He’s got a fairly popular series, I think it’s called the Circle series (Black, White and Red are the titles of the books.) The first chapter or so can go a little slow, as is true of lots of great authors, but they’re definitely page turners.

  4. Casey — Thanks! I’ve heard of this Ted Dekker you’re talking about; he made a big splash a few years ago when he introduced the series, right? A Christian author, isn’t he? Can his books be found at the library? (Buying books is not an option right now. 😦 )

    Thanks for stopping by, sweetie! Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  5. He is a Christian author. You should be able to find his books at the library. i’ve checked them out from libraries before. if they don’t have them, most can get them for you. That series is definitely his most popular. I really loved the Martyr series he did, too. Three is another interesting one.

    If you do end up reading one of his, I’d love to hear what you think!

  6. Leafless — I hear ya. I have so much happening right now, “Free Time” is an oxymoron. I hope things will improve for you, but like you, I miss reading for pleasure. I haven’t done it in years in a serious way.

  7. Casey — If I ever get to read again, I’ll make Dekker a priority, and be sure to post my impressions here. He’s got tough shoes to fill, though — I mean, I just finished Stephen King’s son’s work, and he’s gotta top that. 😉

    I’m kidding. I’m looking forward to finding it and reading them. Thanks for the recommendation!

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