Hope to See You Soon, Dwight

It’s a little darker in the blogosphere today.

My friend Dwight Wannabe has gone on hiatus.  It’s a much needed rest, I’m sure, and being a full-time technical writer, a full-time husband and father and a writer cranking out 3,000 words a day in his current mode, he’s swamped.  It’s hard to keep the content original, fresh and updated, I’m sure.  I wouldn’t know because I have blogus boringanus, and don’t know how many unique visitors I get every day.  I have a set of regulars I adore and do most of my writing for, and they make blogging worthwhile for me.

But Dwight provided us wannabes with a lot of helpful information.  He gave us insights into everything from those who succeeded before us to information from agent blogs to snappy, fun “Eff Around Friday” posts.  His blog was the chronicle of a man seeking to become a published author and it showed us a full flavor of interesting things.

Dwight’s contributions to the blogosphere will be sorely missed during his time away.  I wish him rest and prolific wordsmithing (one of my new favorite words since Casey reintroduced me to it), and may his book be a wild, unbridled success.

In other news, I hope all of you who are, have or know fathers had a Happy Father’s Day, and God bless you all.



2 thoughts on “Hope to See You Soon, Dwight

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Dwight taking a break. It sounds like he will be sorely missed.

    I’m glad that I can help prompt you to make “wordsmith” a part of your regular vocabulary. It seems appropriate for you to use it a lot. I still stand by proclaiming you as an excellent wordsmith. 🙂

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