And, in Other News …

I have no other news, really.  Or any news at all for that matter.

I’ve been pretty busy at work, but still managed to start the kiriban prize for my 10,000th pageview winner over on DeviantART.  It turned out a lot longer than I expected, but LOML says it’s a solid piece and nothing’s really wasted.  I can’t tell.  I never can.  I trust her intimately on such things to be honest with me, but … y’know.

And I tried experimenting a little with something I can only define as literary fiction.  I spent almost 2400 words telling a story about an old sailor who goes by the moniker “Sharkey”.    The few reviews it did get, however, were rave.  I think there’s a novel in there somewhere.  It was much more popular than I expected, but not as popular as my horror stuff.

Which hasn’t been as popular as it used to be, either.  My numbers on this site are pathetic — LOML is blowing me out of the water of late with her hit count, which is a reversal for us.  And traffic’s not what it used to be on my dA page either.  I wondered if folks were just tired of seeing fiction from me, so I finished the piece I had in progress here and I won’t bother posting more for a while.  Maybe I’ll finish posting Witch Hunt, but if my numbers increase when I don’t put up fiction, I’ll have to take the hint and will probably end up dropping the blog altogether.  That’s a heart-breaking thought, because this is where my work got its first acceptance, but if I have to choose between writing and blogging, writing will win.  And I can’t see myself doing the twice-a-week or twice-a-month thing.  I either blog or don’t.  So meh.

Anyway, nothing else to tell.  Just … writing a lot.  Not on my WIP, of course, but writing just the same.  Folks tell me it’s tighter and stronger than before.  One reader suggested I must be “getting ready for publication.”  I laughed.  Poor guy doesn’t know.

I hate adverbs.  I let one slip into my literary piece somehow.  Now I have to go kill it, so I’ll talk to you all later.

God bless,


6 thoughts on “And, in Other News …

  1. Who cares about numbers? Well, I guess I do, too. lol My numbers are also in the toilet. Must be the summer slump.

    I, personally, enjoy the posts about your life, since I hear so little about it now. But I totally understand the need to prioritize. I’m seriously considering going on hiatus myself.

  2. Sherri — Yeah, my views have been cut by one-third to one-half. It’s really depressing, because I’m writing better stuff than I’ve ever written before, but no one’s reading it on WP. Oh well. If I post about my life and things going on in it, I’ll be posting so infrequently I may as well stop. Meh — life goes on.

    I’m not sure if I buy the summer slump theory, though, because Fal’s blog is consistently hitting 50 to 100 pageviews a day. *shrug* Somewhere along the line she became interesting, I guess. She used to lament her tiny page view count, but now she’s off the chart. She had over 100 yesterday. So somebody’s out there reading blogs. Just not mine.

  3. Annie — Hi, thanks for stopping by and listening to me whine. πŸ™‚ I don’t know what the universe is saying, if anything, but the only real time I have to write, until I can get hold of a laptop, is on my employer’s time. *EEP!* So, if the universe wants me to write, the universe is going to have to give me more hours in the day to do so. πŸ˜‰

    I’m having a TON of fun, though, and am noticing pronounced growth in my work. No one else might, but I sure do.

    Thanks again, and I hope you’re trip is going/did go great!

  4. Bryce — You’re “teh awesome” man. Thanks. I’ll add these to my link love in the writer’s resources sidebar, and maybe — just maybe — I’ll turn them into a page of their own and get ’em OFF the sidebar. Which will let me go back to using a pleasing, easy on the eyes theme instead of this one. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again, bud! I’m always benefitting from you stopping by. Feels really one-sided that way. πŸ˜‰

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