New Blog Announcement

Well, since you all didn’t like my fiction writing, you forced me to go elsewhere with it.

If you have linked to my blog as a writer, PLEASE update your link to reflect my new fiction blog, which is found right here.  All my works of fiction have been removed from this site, and posted there.  That way, those who don’t like reading fiction can come here and see updates about other things — whatever those might be — and not have to deal with my fiction work.

For those of you generous enough to have added this blog to your blog reader, you can remove it, because it won’t be updated very often anymore.  That makes me a little sad, but this is about my boring-ass life now, and there’s not that much to tell.  LOML is better at that crap than I am, and has more interesting things to say.  I’ll leave it to her.




4 thoughts on “New Blog Announcement

  1. Leafless — Thanks! It’s compelling you to sleep. πŸ˜‰ (As in, boring you to sleep. Heh.) But be sure to bookmark the new one if you want fiction! Thanks again!

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