Grillin’ and Chillin’

This weekend, I got bold in my approach to barbecuing and took a new spin on an old favorite: hamburgers.

I had big plans for the new grill my wife and I bought as my Father’s Day gift.  For one thing, it has a smoker box, which rocks my socks and chimes the clocks.  That thing is kick-ass.  The first thing I smoked were bratwurst sausages.  I cooked those bad-boys for about 40 minutes with some Jack Daniels wood chips and they turned out amazing.  I had a deep, dark pink smoke ring on the inside, a crackling-crisp skin, and they were juicy and tender.  That was about a week ago.

Yesterday (no, not the 4th like everyone else) we decided to make some gourmet burgers.

I took all the ground beef we had in the ‘fridge and I seasoned it with salt, pepper and a bit of dill.  I mixed in some diced scallions and then formed patties.  I laid some fresh-sliced bleu cheese on them, then covered with another patty.  Yep, bleu cheese stuffed burgers.  I threw those on my good ol’ two-zone fire and got a nice sear on the outside, then scooted them into the cool zone and let them cook through, being sure to rotate 90 degrees to get a nice cross-hatch of grill marks on the patties.  Go me.

When they were ready I flipped them over and repeated the whole process on the other side.  By the time they were ready about 12 minutes later, the cheese was melted and bubbling out of the seams between the patties.  I took a French roll (for me) and an onion roll (for LOML) and brushed them with melted butter, then toasted them on the hot fire until I had a nice toasty golden color, and more of those amazing grill marks.

Inside, we topped them with a dill mayonnaise Vanessa made, along with lettuce, tomato, onions, and sauteed mushrooms.  A side of macaroni salad for me and some egg salad for Vanessa, and we sat down to some fine dining.

The burgers were massive.  I almost dislocated my jaw trying to get a bite of the damn thing.  It made a huge mess of my plate, my hands, my shirt and the area around where I ate.  We had chips to go with this feast, too, but I couldn’t have gotten any down my throat with a plumber’s snake and a plunger.  Within minutes of finishing (yes, I finished it!), I slipped into a food coma for a couple of hours to digest it.

Then I worked online for a while with Vanessa, and while we did that we ate slivers of our lemon cream pie (bought, not made).

What’d you have for dinner?

Hey, you wanted life.  This is my life.  Exciting, isn’t it?



8 thoughts on “Grillin’ and Chillin’

  1. You changed your page! I’m going to miss coming here for the stories. It’s where we met!

    On another note… It’s seems I caused a little bit of a stir on your DA page. Sorry.


    PS. The burgers sound soooooooooooooooooooo yummy! (except for the killer tomatoes) 😉

  2. Raga — Aww … me too, sweetie, but I have a dedicated blog for that now. See the previous entry for that information. And you know you have my dA page you can check out. 🙂 I’ll always find a way to get you my stories, hon. Will NOT let down my number one fan. But you’re right — it was a little sad for me to take my stories from this site. It was my most beloved blog. 😦 Don’t worry about the stir on dA. I couldn’t care less what they think. I LIKE you, period. 🙂 (And the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes didn’t hurt nothin’, Rags — you would’ve liked ’em. I’ll make you one, hold the ‘maters, ‘kay? 😀 )

    Leafless — Thanks! I don’t know if I could Iron Chef, but the burgers came out good! Hope you had a happy and safe 4th! 🙂

  3. Awww you made me all emotional and misty eyed! You’re so awesome and I love you to bits! I thank God every day for you and your lady. Meeting you was the second highlight of my year, the baby coming is first, and I truly hope you and V know how much you both mean to me. It makes me heart smile that you don’t care what others say and that you really like me!

    Don’t worry though, I’ll still post on DA. Maybe I can think of something else to stir the pot over there! LOL

  4. This made me so hungry!! Those burgers sound amazing! I’m definitely going to have to try this. First step is learning to use my grill…

    I went over to some friends’ house last night and we grilled pizza! That’s right…pizza cooked on the grill.

    Ok, now I’m going to have to go find a snack to get me through the rest of the day.

  5. Raga — Aww, sweetie! Don’t be emotional. You know how much we love you. 🙂 You mean the world to us, and we count you among our true friends. You’re so important to us, and we wouldn’t want to do without you. 🙂

    Casey — LOVE that grilled pizza technique! Gotta try it soon too! You learn to use yours, and I’ll learn to make a pizza dough, okay? First one to learn their technique wins! 😉

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