More Food Adventures

Before I embark on this post, did you notice my new header?  It’s courtesy of my friend, the beautiful and talented Elizabeth.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?

The last time I tried to do anything like this, it was with a big ol’ flank steak and a really cheap grill.  This time, the score is reversed — better grill, worse meat.  Today’s adventure: Teriyaki steak.

I’m using lousy, grocery-store steaks, which have been thawed in the fridge overnight.  I’ll be making my own marinade from soy sauce, white wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, ginger, garlic, scallions, sugar, vegetable oil and water.  I’m going to let those meat slabs soak for a few hours and see if we can get some flavor into them, and then I’ll be direct grilling them.

The secret to this turning out the way I want is for me not to add the glaze too soon.  Only in the last couple of minutes of cooking, to get the meat coated with a nice layer of flavoring but not burn it.  My fire will be a two-zone fire — a red-hot pile of coals on one side and nothing on the other for a safety zone, in case you don’t know.

The challenge, as it is with everything I cook, is to get that gorgeous, professional cross-hatch of grill marks on the meat for presentation.  A few chopped scallion greens sprinkled over them before serving, and voila! A wonderful culinary experience.

Sounds simple; I’ll have to see how it turns out.  I guess I’ll serve it with something like zucchini or squash, and maybe a nice li’l macaroni salad?  I dunno, I have to see how that goes.  I’d love to make my own, but I can’t beat the convenience of just grabbing a pound of it from the deli.

Tomorrow, LOML and I start our long, arduous and uncertain journey toward weight loss.  Today, we are going to enjoy food laden with fat, calories and carbs, no guilt allowed.  And we’re still polishing off the rich, decadent chocolate cake she made for PrettyPrettyPrincess’s birthday on Thursday.  It’s moist, melt-in-your-mouth delicious, too, and slathered with a thick layer of chocolate icing.  So desert’s all set.

I’m tossing around the idea of doing a quick bread in the food processor too.  I should have everything I need for that except yeast.  Cut the dough, roll it out, brush with a light layer of oil or melted butter, and toss it onto the grill until it’s bubbly on one side, flip, brush again and serve.  Simple, delicious, and in line with our grill-the-hell-out-of-the-weekend themes for this year.

What are you all having for dinner?



5 thoughts on “More Food Adventures

  1. Love the header. I think we may have grilled chicken breast. Not sure yet. Maybe chicken quesadillas. I guess I better figure it out quick.

    Speaking of weight loss, i thought I was doing pretty good with my eating habits until I made the best cake ever. I’m back in the two-dessert-a-day habit. Good for my taste buds, not for my gut. My boy said as he reclined on me, “Mama, you’re soft and kooshy.”

  2. Anniegirl — Thanks, the header was a sweet gesture! The marinade will work with tofu, too. How’s that? Or Portabello mushrooms? You’re always welcome. 🙂

    Sherri — ROFL!! I wish I were. Disgustingly, my gut’s hard. *Ick* I’ll try to post again before I go to bed about how it turned out. Steaks are marinading now. 🙂

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