Okay … You Have to Promise Not to Laugh …

… but here’s the Teriyaki steak I made tonight.

2008-07-27a 2008-07-27b

The procedure was pretty easy.  The marinade was great — I let the steaks soak in it for about two hours.  Overnight would’ve been better, I’m sure, but the flavor did soak into the meat.  The glaze was a little different — I used a bottled, store-bought Teriyaki sauce as a glaze, because we had it from the last time I did this, which was a while back.

One problem we had was, that bottled glaze and our marinade didn’t mesh exactly.  I could’ve reduced down some of the left-over marinade which wasn’t used on the meat (there was plenty) and used that as the glaze, but LOML wanted me to use the bottled stuff.  I thought it was good, but not great.  I’d like to see if the addition of the reduced marinade does any better.

The other problem is, due to the sodium in the soy sauce, there was no additional salt in the marinade, and we didn’t season the steaks the way we normally do either, to avoid OD’ing on salt.  And yet, the meat was salty as all get-out.  Yuck.  But we picked up some low-sodium soy sauce, so the next time I do this, it’s going to be with that instead, and we’ll see if it makes any difference.  If not, then the meat’s just salty from the grocery store somehow, and that ticks me off.

The scallion greens as a garnish were added for the sake of the photo only, but it didn’t help.

I think they could’ve been cooked longer, but LOML loved ’em just as they were.  The char on the yellow squash made them sweet and caramelized the sugars in them, and they were great.  I brushed them with melted butter during cooking.

So that was dinner.  It was good, but not great.  Maybe using either more marbleized meat or going back to something like flank steak or a London broil cut would be good.  I don’t know yet.  I’ll advise when I find out.

Anyway, I want to try this on chicken too.  I love me some Teriyaki chicken, and the recipe says the marinade/glaze will work for shrimp as well.  Yum.

Hope you had a good meal too!



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