Weird Search Terms – July 28 ’08

Well, things haven’t been too weird on my search engine traffic for a while.  And they’re not … SUPER weird today, but … a little odd.

Well, I guess not, but they’re sort of funny.

Here they are:

Weird Search Terms 7-28-2008 Okay, so … these are pretty weird, I think.

For one thing, I figured I was the only one on earth without a career path at 40.  The fact that someone else is searching on that tells me I’m not alone.  And that’s just sad.  Whoever you are, please know you have my condolences.  I can’t tell you how scary it is to be in this place, and if you haven’t figured out what you want to be by age 40, the odds of you finding it are slim.  For me, I’m sort of stuck doing what I can and taking whatever comes my way — if anything — unless I win the lottery.  Best of luck to you; maybe you’ll fare better than I have.

For the person searching for the weirdest person ever pictures: sorry, I don’t post pics of myself here.  Or anywhere.  You’ve come to the right place, but with the wrong idea.

And, who in the heck is searching for my blog by name??  Anyone who knows me as DarcKnyt has probably already been here, so … maybe they’re out to find me again.  *Shifty eyed glance around*  You never know what they might want.

And to “Oh, the pain, the pain of it all” searcher — Doctor Smith, Lost in Space, played by Jonathon Harris, circa 1965-1968.  Funny, funny guy, that Dr. Smith.  Not quite captured by Gary Oldman in the big-screen homage, c. 1997.  He did okay, but not great.  I loved that guy, by the way — an iconic TV character if ever there was one.  Heh.

Okay, that’s it.  I noticed someone was searching for information on why yWriter didn’t count imported words in the total.  I bet it’s because you didn’t put the imported document(s) into a Scene in yWriter.  If you do that, it’ll total ’em up purty for ya.  And if you need more information, you can try going to Simon Haynes’ Spacejock Software Google group site here.  Ask your question and Simon will answer.  It’s a great piece of software and way over my head.

Have a great evening, everyone!



5 thoughts on “Weird Search Terms – July 28 ’08

  1. “And, who in the heck is searching for my blog by name?? Anyone who knows me as DarcKnyt has probably already been here, so … maybe they’re out to find me again.”

    Identity confirmation? 🙂

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