Weekend Updates

Man, I sure wish I had something to blog about, guys.

I know you’ve waited patiently, putting up with me not posting, or posting some crap just to see if my hits go up. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, it’s my “bio-data” postings. I caved into the pressure of the continued searches for that term bringing seekers to my blog from the Asian subcontinent and its neighboring region, and decided to go ahead and gather as much information as I could find about it and put a series of posts together to help those dorks out. Now that it’s done, the traffic is going up, but … meh. It’s not as much fun as I thought, especially knowing why they’re coming.)

Fact is, though, I just got nothin’. Nothin’ to say, nothin’ to show, nothin’ to offer. I haven’t done any fiction writing in a while too, and it’s eating me up inside. While my WIP beckons, I have other ideas I’d like to at least toy with, but time is just not on my side right now.

For one thing, I’ve been getting my ass handed to me at work by this stupid database I’m supposed to design and build. No problem, I thought, I’m pretty strong with MS Access. Wrong, dill-weed, WRONG. I SUCK with MS Access, it turns out. I’ve been banging my head against that thing for months now. I’ve finally got it nailed down — or at least, I think so — and I’m closing in on it. I have something to show my boss when he gets back on Monday from vacation, at any rate. And I should be able to wrap it up this … I dunno. Week? Monday would work great, but I have a few things left to do with it and can’t guarantee that.

Meanwhile, my fiction blog is languishing at five or so hits a day. I don’t mind, though. What can I expect? I haven’t posted anything over there in quite a while.

So, that’s it. I might barbecue tonight, but I have to see. Stuff’s still in the freezer, since I and the LOML forgot to take it out last night, so it might be a barbecue of paper-wrapped goodies tonight.

Oh, I’m still being a good boy on my diet, but it’s going to take a long, LONG time to get anywhere on that. I’ll … try … to keep you posted.

Have a great weekend.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. Annie — I wouldn’t mind having her around either. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, I caved, but what the heck? They keep coming and always will, might as well give ’em what they want, hm? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you’re having an excellent weekend, and thank you for stopping by!

  2. “Meanwhile, my fiction blog is languishing at five or so hits a day. I donโ€™t mind, though. What can I expect?”

    Fiction blogs are obsolete. Most people care more about Paris Hilton than reading a good piece of writing.

  3. Leafless — You think? I can’t say for sure; I get good hits from time to time, but I can’t tell why. Regular updates, maybe? (Hard to do with fiction, though. I only have so many hours to write and so many ideas to write about! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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