Aw, Come ON … Not Again!

You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me!

For weeks and weeks now, I’ve been free from strange, disgusting search terms. I thought maybe, just maybe, my blog was clean enough now to have dropped off the sicko radar. As of last night, I couldn’t find anything ugly in my search terms going back quite a way, so my Weird Search Terms post yesterday made me smile. It was odd, but not yucky.

And now everything is ruined again. The Internet scum have found me again.

Today, I looked again just out of curiosity. And you know what I found?

This filth:

weird search terms 8-9-2008.pngYou know what’s worst about it? I hoped I’d never see anything like this again. I actually thought the Internet would be nicer somehow.

I’m a dolt for thinking that.

On the other hand, this is putrid. What sort of weirdo actually does a search for this kind of thing? And God help me, what was I thinking that I used that stupid word in one of my posts. It’s a lot like some of the bad choices I made when I was young– they keep coming back to haunt me.


Well, so much for the integrity of the Internet.

God bless, y’all.



9 thoughts on “Aw, Come ON … Not Again!

  1. Yeah well, mention gerbils – just once – or the fact that as a middle aged woman you haven’t dried up or that your husband still finds you attractive – boom – icky search terms.

    What is a blogger to do?

  2. I got tired of getting “nude pics” hits so I went back and edited the post attracting them. It slowed immediately, took a little longer to stop.

    Love ya 🙂

  3. Hey, Sherri, fancy seeing you here!

    I don’t want to mess with it, because there’s no one specific post that draws it … I don’t think.

    Right now, the bigger issue is SCRAPERS. I have no way to stop them, and don’t even know how to FOIL them.

    Fal’s blog is MUCH more popular than mine, but she doesn’t get scraped. Go figure.

  4. JR — Maybe, maybe … or maybe these people have too much 2girls1cup on their minds. I really don’t want to know either way. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by! Give my best to Franktown.

  5. Franktown is a bitchass, i’m a bitchass, i blog rolled him just so when he comes around i can be an ass. Falcon was being a bitchass, look at my recent cat post if you have time. All these bitchasses; I stirred up blogger bitchass fest hating on cats.

  6. Damn college campus with internet in every room. I keep going on Falcon’s blog to see what some random person has to say about chicago bashing–it really makes my day.

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