I’m Validated

Well, I mentioned to you all a few days ago … er, or was it yesterday?  Whatever.  I told you guys I tried posting something to the FictionCentral web site this past weekend and it got rejected, right?  And I told you all about what the email I received from them said, right?

Well, I re-posted it yesterday, and as far as I can recall, the only change I made was in the age rating for the piece.  I changed it to 15+ from 12+, so “younger teens” wouldn’t be “disturbed” by my disturbing story … about a teen.  Go figure.

Anyway, it’s been “validated” now — boy, I sure do feel … valid.  If I hadn’t been validated I wouldn’t have been … y’know … valid.  So now I’m valid.  W00t, yes?

Anyway, it’s sort of a cool site. I like the idea of more exposure for my fiction blog, but I also have the concern of scraping now. *Sigh* Ah well, I’m doing what I can. I put a copyright notice at the bottom of every post I create now, and I know it’s annoying and doesn’t look like much, but folks, please believe me when I tell ya it’s necessary. I don’t mind as much if this blog is scraped. Whatever — I mean, if you think scraping my content is going to drive traffic to YOUR site somehow, you are either stupid or … well, no, you’re stupid, period.

So, as much a pain as it is to look at, it’s as big a pain to do. I can use plug-ins and such for FireFox and Windows Live Writer and all that crap, but it’s still an additional step I need to take, and hope I haven’t forgotten.


12 thoughts on “I’m Validated

  1. Annie — Just claiming it. From what I understand, under the Berne (sp.?) Convention, writers are copyright owners the INSTANT they create the intellectual property, be it text on a page or pixels on a screen. So technically I can claim the copyright without having to go through a formal process. However, for specific works, such as a novel, the agent/publisher will provide the copyright to the material. I think.

  2. Congratulations on your validation. 🙂 Where’s your link? Did I miss it? I see the Fiction Central one and the names on page 2.

  3. Thanks, CV! No, you didn’t miss it … I didn’t have one to put up when I wrote this post. I’ll see if I can figure out how to do it. I have another great place for wannabes too, so I’ll put them up in another post. 🙂

  4. I’m proud of you getting out there and all. You have an enormous talent. I know you’ll make something dirty out of that, so go ahead and get it over with.

    I wish I was in a less-weird place and I’d be reading it all. I also wish I could explain this weird place to you, but I can’t even explain it to myself. Don’t worry, it’s not bad. Just quiet, and I’m not used to being quiet. Don’t know if you knew that. 😉

    Anyway, just wanted you to know how much I believe in you, even if I’m not actively showing it at the moment. Well I guess I am NOW. I meant before.

  5. Thanks, Sherri! I’m glad to know you’re still in my corner. And don’t worry … my call for beta readers will go out soon enough, and I might ask you to be there for me then. I’m also going to be highlighting another site today (I hope) that will be more of me “getting out there” than this step was, so stay tuned for that!

    I hope you know we’re praying for you and loving you and missing you. Take care. 🙂

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