It’s a Contest!

All right, me hardies, avast!  Pay attention!

There’s a contest afoot!  That’s right, a contest for all.  Everyone can play, anyone can enter, and the prize is more recognition than you can shake a stick at.  A five-paragraph write-up, boasting your talents, abilities, wiles and beauty.

Like thte idea?  You know you do, you flattery whore, you.

Go check out my buddy Ben Rogers at Mr. Rogers’ Zombiehood for details and to enter.

Go on … you know you want to.


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14 thoughts on “It’s a Contest!

  1. Are you gonna do it?

    I doubt it, hon. I’m so busy with trying to catch up on edits it’s not even funny. See how I’m not laughing? That’s ’cause it’s not even funny. It’s so not funny, even Dillon thinks it’s not funny. That’s how not funny losing three weeks and thousands of words of editing is. So, pro’ly not. But … why don’t you give it a shot? Hm?

  2. If I wasn’t battling Allstate, an uphill battle I might add, and trying to find people to actually come out and give me bids for the long list of repairs I have I probably would. I don’t know if I told you or not but one of the outside windowsills fell off thanks to Ike and now we have a hole in our house. What’s worse is the insurance adjuster didn’t even see it so we have to have them come out again.

    Hurricanes suck.

    OH MY GOD. Does this crap EVER end??? I’m so sorry, baby-cakes! I wish I could help you somehow. When I win the lottery, you can have a brand-new house all to yourself in a place where it snows and no one else is around. I promise.

  3. What? No Dane and no Stalker? What type of contest is this? I wanted a challenge. Guess I’ll have to write 5 paragraphs about lil’ ole me then!

    LOL! Let’s see who else comes along! I guess, for a guy who says such great things about me on his blog, I can make a little time to play along. 😉 And make sure to get Fal to play, too! She’s the politico in our family! I’m just a card-puncher! 😀

  4. I’m trying to talk my hubby into taking part. Not that he’s opinionated or anything. LMAO

    Thanks for the house, I’m holding you to it! LOL
    Love ya!

    Yeah, he should do it! That’d be cool! And you can hold me to it, but that LOTTO thing has to happen FIRST! 😀

  5. Oh! Also I’m going to kill you. Not really, but thanks to you when I read a book or anything for that matter I can’t help but notice those damn adverbs. Thank you very much. 😛

    Still love ya though!

    HAHAHAHA! I’ve infected ANOTHER one! 😀 Muaahahahahahahahaha!

  6. Dane, you got me also! Why do you think I put Templar Evasion on hold!!

    Hahahaha!! OBEY THE FIST!! I’m conquering the world, one adverb at a time!! And I’ll spread my Stephen King-esque philosophy like a zombie spreading … uh … zombie … ness! YES! Welcome to the collective, Ben … come drink the Kool-Aid. 😀

  7. `The King of the Dead bows to the Fist` Oh great ruler of the world why are adverds and adjectives so evil? Why must they curse my writing? Why am I incapable of showing instead of telling? Help me Oh Mighty Fist?

    Ha.. smell the sarcasm in that one?

    Ahh … the stink of new convert. I love it. Yes, I smell sarcasm, and yes, I can help you, oh young padawan, to fulfill your destiny. Now, come to the DARC side … we have cookies!

  8. `The King of the Undead claps his hands like a three year old` Snickerdoodles? I really like Snickerdoodles! Iced Animal Crackers are good too 😀

    I like iced oatmeal myself, and Falcon makes nasty-wicked-yummy oatmeal cookies, but we’re open to all types here. 😀 As long as they’re not adverb-chip cookies, of course.

  9. Hey man I thought we were friends! Why aren’t I on your friends list??? HMMMM???

    Well you aren’t on mine either but that’s because I haven’t figured out how to do that. BUT I am going to ask Queen V for help so I can put you up there. So I guess until I do it you don’t have to. LOL

    I’m sorry I’m a little wacky today and you must bear the brunt.

    I like bears. And brunts. Or is that bundts? Hmm. I haven’t updated my blogroll since you’ve been a blogger, which is why I don’t have ya listed. But I’ll fix as soon as I get home, ‘kay? 😀 Love ya!

  10. Hey! We need to make Obey the Fist shirts or something. I’d wear mine everywhere. lol

    That’d ROCK! But — it’s a line from Invader Zim. Think we’d have to pay royalties? It’s just one, teeny line, after all. 🙂

  11. Naw, we don’t need to pay diddly. I mean it’s a freaking sentence. It hasn’t been copyrighted or anything. I’ll have Rondel draw up a fist for us. Something powerful or snazzy or something. LOL

    Have you seen J.R.’s post on my blog? It’s pretty funny. He thought I was a dude. 😀

    He drunk-blogs too much, and gets on my nerves. But you and V seem to like him, so meh. 😉

    UPDATE: I just went to your blog and read his post. That was, in fact, funny. So I reverse my stance. He can provide some amusement for the Fist after all. 😀

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