Exciting Week in the NFL

You know, I have to admit.  This weekend was a pretty exciting one in the NFL.

There were some great games played.  For one thing, the Steelers and Cowboys slugged it out in a death match that was gripping from start to finish.  The vaunted Pittsburgh defense gave up more to the Cowboys than to anyone before them.  Dallas’s defense was the more formidable for most of the game, and if not for the stupid, incessant turnovers – and the absence of the barbaric gladiator Marion Barber – it might have had a different outcome.

It was a gripping game and the last seven and a half minutes were amazing.  The Steelers bristled when they had to, and forced turnovers.  The Cowboys blew a ten-point lead and dropped the game.  I have said a couple of times to a couple of people that Tony Romo did a little too much imitating of his hero Brett Farce … sorry, I mean FAVRE … and threw one too many picks.

Then tonight’s game between the Panthers and Bucs.  Another great game, at least until the last.  It was a slug-fest for a while, before the overpowering rushing attack of Carolina ground Tampa Bay into the turf and broke their backs.  The running backs for Carolina averaged 9.8 and 7.7 yards per carry respectively.  They racked up 466 yards of total offense, more than 300 of it on the ground.  A daunting performance against the number 4 overall defense in the league.  And now the NFC South is an interesting division to watch.

The Giants, Steelers, Panthers and Titans hold the NFL’s best records, and the AFC East is knotted in a three-way tie for first.  Things are heating up and there are still a lot of meaningful games to be played going into the last three weeks of the regular season.

Yep, a pretty good football weekend.  I can’t wait to see how things shake out.


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12 thoughts on “Exciting Week in the NFL

  1. From my point of view, it was a not so good weekend in the No Fun League. After the snore fest at the Rogers Centre and a nearly scoreless game in Pittsburgh, I think it is becoming obvious that the Canadian brand of football, although generally made up of less talented players, is a more exciting on-field product.

    Pfft — your football is constant illegal motion. But I like your take on it. And I think the Rogers Centre snoozefest had more to do with the teams than the sport itself. You’d have loved a more competitive game. I think. But I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Arena Football League … VERY high scoring, but a teeny-tiny field. Oh, and is Doug Flutie still playing up there? The guy’s older than me.

  2. And our university football has a playoff.

    Hey, congratulations! That’s nice! You DO mean football and not soccer, right?

  3. Well the Cowboys might have let me down, but my college team didn’t. OU scored their 5th-straight 60pt game and put Mizzou’s face in the turf. We’re going to the National Championship, baby. Look out, Gators!

    Well, that’s something! I seem to recall OU spanking Mizzou last year too. Gee, yathink they’re just a better team? Good luck in the Big Game!

  4. Here we go Steelers!! Black and Gold baby. Let’s see how far we can go!

    They need to tighten that defense if they want to beat the Giants, no two ways about it. And right now I can’t see anybody stopping the Giants from repeating. *Insert vomity noises here.* I think the Steelers will, however, expose the Titans as paper tigers. The Titans lost their only real test and the Steelers stop the run pretty doggone well. On the other hand, I’m wondering if the power balance has shifted back to the NFC at this point. They seem like better teams overall.

  5. I’m still crying over my Boys’ loss. Romo’s inaccuracy and miscommunication is what chalked up a loss. Dallas defense totally rocked.

    Yeah, they played well. I would’ve been tempted to send them back in on offense to secure the game in Phillips’ position. The offense wasn’t impressive at all, but the defense really stepped up. Now they just need to learn the magic word: Consistency.

  6. All of this football related news – exciting as it is – surely pales in comparison to the tv time that your esteemed governor is generating right now 😉

    Since 1972, 28 Chicago aldermen have been convicted of crimes. If you extrapolate that to the US House of Representatives, it equates to over 240 Congressmen were indicted in the same 36 years. (H/t to The New Editor for that tidbit.) Pretty cool, huh? Who says nothing interesting ever happens in the Chicago political machine? 😀

  7. Kree – “esteemed” ROFLMFAO!!!

    Hehehehe … “esteemed”. That’s awesome. He definitely holds high esteem when he’s hiding his face — as if no one knew who it was — behind the headrest of the FBI cruiser that picked his ass up at 6:15 a.m. Nice hair, Rod. ROFLMAO!

  8. Oh wait… esteemed doesn’t mean “rotting in jail for an extended period of time for trying to auction off his capability to appoint the successor to Obama’s Senate seat?”

    Oops – my mistake.

    No, Kree — the proper term for that is “Chicago Politician”, and the correct definition is a bit broader; thusly:

    “Rotting in jail for an extended period of time for trying to [insert corrupt activity or activities here].” See the difference?

  9. Let me let you in on something…forget the suspense….NY Giants are going to repeat…The only team that is going to stand in their way is the Titans…no one in the NFC can run against them…if our passing game is on the SB game will not be close…Lock of the year Titans – Giants Feb3rd in Tampa…Giants by 16…Zman sends

    OH hoho! A prediction! Well, I bet the Steelers fans have something they’d like to contribute to THIS discussion! How ’bout it, Steeler fans? Is Zman right!

    Thanks for coming by and sounding off, Zman! Glad to have you come by! 🙂

  10. My late husband was a Steelers fan. The 2006 AFC championship was playing in his hospice room the day before he died. He would have loved that Superbowl victory.

    I don’t follow the NFL anymore. It’s nice to know the Steelers are doing well however.

    Your husband was a true fan. Yes, the Steelers are doing well this year. He’d be pleased. 🙂

  11. I concur – the Titans are paper tigers. Honestly, the Steelers have the toughest last half of the season schedule and we’ve been steam rolling along, demolishing defenses.

    Yeah … yeah, except for them Cowboys, eh? *Jimmy Johnson Voice* How ’bout them Cowboys??

    Seriously – 4 turnovers against the Cowboys in the first half alone this last week and five turnovers against the New England Patriots the week before that? This is a monstrous defense that is leading the league in pass defense, run defense, and all over defense – the first time since the Eagles in the early 90s.

    They did show cracks against the Cowboys though. And in all honesty — you have to consider this — with Marion Barber at 100% in the game, I think the ‘Boys win that game.

    Sure, the Giants beat us once this season but then again so did the Bengals and the undefeated Colts in 2005. We came back in the playoffs to win 3 on the road games as the lowest seed in the playoffs (something that had never been done before) to head to Detroit where we won the Superbowl.

    Yeah, I remember those past seasons. I remember the Colts game being won on a miraculous shoe-string tackle and a blown field goal. That’s not something the defense can take credit for, K. It’s a good defense this year, no two ways about it, but let’s leave ’05 out o’ this, ‘kay? 😉

    Giants Schmiants. They couldn’t hold their own against the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Also, the Titans are on a sinking ship.

    I think the Titans’ “ship” is more of a styrofoam cup. Rather like the Bears a couple years back. They look nice on paper, not so much in reality. I think they’re benefiting from a soft(er) schedule. When they faced a difficult opponent, they lost.

    And while we’re on the subject — do I need to remind YOU that the “Giants Schmiants” are one of three teams to BEAT these Steelers?? Hm? Along with the Eagles and the Colts? Hm?

    My prediction: SuperBowl MVP will be either Troy Polamalu or James Harrison.

    Time will show. And if the Steelers win again, it will be the first franchise to have six such titles.

    ~~ Here we go Steelers, here we go! ~~

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