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Arena Football League
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In a somewhat important event, at least in my opinion, reports that the AP reports that the AFL has decided to continue operating through the 2009 season. This has been confirmed on the AFL web site too.  That gives the league another year of life, and I think that’s a good thing.

I know it’s semi-pro ball at best, but it’s been around and kicking for 21 years now, and I’d hate to see it fold. It’s not a real alternative to the NFL, but it does afford those players who don’t, for whatever reason, reach the NFL an opportunity to continue in something akin to the sport and it gives the fans something to do on Saturday afternoons during the offseason for the NFL.

So kudos to the Arena Football League for soldiering forward. It may not be a big deal to some, but I think it’s a good thing. I’m glad to hear they chose to keep going.


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4 thoughts on “AFL Continues

  1. It’s really hard to catch an AFL game up here in Canada, but from the little I have seen, it looks really interesting. Football has the ability to be so much more entertaining than it currently is. Maybe by putting it on a smaller surface, with boards, football could work.

    I think it’s more like Canadian football with a tiny (hockey rink-sized) field. It’s a much faster game, MUCH higher scoring. If it weren’t floundering so, maybe they’d be open to a team or two up there.

  2. I’ve never watched a whole game, but if my husband wasn’t so immersed in the NFL, I might like the AFL better. It’s way faster-paced.

    I wondered how many people felt that way. I’d like to see it be on a bigger field, but that’s just me. I like the idea and some of the rules and the pacing is wild. The scores get NUTS, too.

  3. AFL is NFL lite… it’s smaller, faster, and cheaper.

    See, I disagree. This isn’t anything LIKE the NFL. I think of it as a different sport altogether.

    We have a home team – the Columbus Destroyers – that went to the championship game in 2007 but not much interest is drummed up for it. It’s hard to compete against Buckeye football even when the Bucks aren’t playing AND they have an ex-Buckeye QB. It’s not surprising for this town seeing as how our MLS team won the whole enchilada this year and nobody knew about it. Did YOU know that Columbus has a Major League Soccer team? Didn’t think so.

    Hey, gimme a chance to answer first! … Okay, no, I didn’t. Did I care … ummmm … .

    I’ve heard that the AFL games are fun – maybe I’ll have to persuade DZ to go one night… perhaps when the franchise team owned by Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski (yes, you recognize that name from Monday Night Football) – The 2008 Arena Bowl Champion Philadelphia Soul – are in town.

    You COULD just support ’em with a jersey purchase or watching them on TV. But hey, if you’re inclined and able to go, have at!

    And then again, maybe not… or at least until after the SuperBowl I’ve got my hands full right now with NFL and Bowl Season – hallelujah!

    I don’t think their season starts until March or so — just for that reason. Who wants to compete with the big boys? But I hope it goes on. I mean, it’s been kicking for 21 years. It’s a nice alternative for the players who can’t get into the NFL, and sometimes — just sometimes — a good player comes from there. Kurt Warner anyone?

  4. Um… I thought they WEREN’T cancelling the season? My head hurts and I’m confuzzled.

    Me too. I go to their site and now they ARE canceling it. I don’t … understand … .

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