Continuing the Assimilation

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The assimilation of my luddite self into modern technology is ongoing.

I’ve joined Facebook.

The funny thing is, I have no idea how to provide you a link to my page, or what I’m supposed to do with it.  I don’t have any sort of feel for getting around in there, and I don’t know how to use any of the features.

I managed to figure out how to chat, though.  I spent an amusing few minutes chatting with my buddy Sherri, who found out how to do some things from one of her buddies.  I can now write a note on Facebook, should I so choose.

But that’s about it.

Anyone have a primer you can give me?  How can I use this to get people to read my fiction, or better yet, send me money for my fiction?  (I’d like it just fine if they just sent me money, but I think to avoid legal problems I have to provide a good or service.  So I’ll provide fiction.  That’s goods AND services, right?  Entertainment in a deliverable?  Maybe?)

So I’m slowly dragging myself into the modern era.  I can’t say how well I’m doing, but I’m getting there.

So yeah … any helps on Facebook are appreciated.  Help a trog out, y’all.


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8 thoughts on “Continuing the Assimilation

  1. I feel like this…I don’t have a

    Facebook account
    MySpace account
    Pay Pal Account
    One of those goofy earphone hands free things
    A cell phone with a text keyboard (i hate cellphones but have one)
    I don’t IM anyone

    and I get along in this world fine…so don’t feel bad this world was great without the above things…
    Zman sends

    *Chuckles* Thank you. I feel better. I’ve heard it’s good for writers to network and build a presence on places like Facebook and MySpace, so I’ve … compromised. (I really don’t want a MySpace account. I truly don’t. That place scares me.) And I got a PayPal account years ago when I sold a couple of things through eBay, but don’t do anything with it. Maybe I should offer a donations button on my blog somewhere.

    I appreciate that someone else out there thinks it’s okay NOT to be fully digital. 🙂

  2. I’ve got a Facebook account. So rarely ever use it. If something important happens there, I’ll get an email.

    What’s your ID there? I’ll add you as a friend. Can’t have too many friends, y’know?

    … Okay, you can, but I don’t.

  3. That’s how I’ve operated on Facebook for about two years. I put a link to direct people to my blog, mostly just got the thing to find old friends anyway, but for some reason it seems funner this week.

    A writer can’t say “funner” can she?? 😉

    It’s interesting. I have to figure the danged thing out. I guess I can’t really use it like dA, where I can post my writing and such, but I can maybe get some attention to my fiction blog there. 🙂 And it’s you that makes it funner anyway. 😉

  4. It’s all about networking. You can link your blogs through their blog network and there are a lot of publishing groups and writers who have accounts you can “friend”. I saw one author create a group for an ongoing fiction novel he wrote based on comments following each chapter.

    Interesting! I’ll have to check that out! Thanks! 😀

    You need friends first though or connections with other people. Most writers will friend other writers without knowing you necessarily and other people will generally friend friends of friends.

    I’m a friend slut. I’ll friend anyone. Wanna be my friend, Annie? C’mon, please?? Be my friend!!

    I guess it depends on what you want from the site. A way to keep up with people you actually know or a way to build a writing network. I do both really.

    I guess I’ll probably try and “build” a “network” (but Lord knows, I SUCK at networking.) The people I’ve lost touch with are … detritus, really, in the ocean of life. Most I wouldn’t re-connect with voluntarily. I’ve made better friends on the blogosphere in the last three years than I ever did in my four prior decades. Go figure.

    Some literary magazines also have accounts there if you are interested in that.

    That would be cool … thanks for the info, Annie! I really appreciate it!

  5. I’m on LinkedIn, the business professionals networking site, but that’s about where I draw the line. I think I may have a failed MySpace site out there as well – remnants from my sister trying to drag me into 2005 or something.

    I despise some aspects of technology. I hate answering my cell phone because people assume that I’m at their beck and call. I hate having my work email constantly available (and beeping!) on my phone because then people get mad when I don’t immediately respond. Sometimes I just need some technodetox (yes, I just claimed that word) where I want to unplug it all and live in a cave. Although said cave would have to have central air, running water, and all the other amenities of home.

    Will I create a Facebook account? Most likely not. Doing my own blog was a huge reach for me, but I mostly did it so that people don’t have to call or email me to see how I’m doing and how baby is progressing. I can see the implications of using it to establish a writing network. Twitter? Nah. Not for this girl.

    At least you’re better off technologically than my dad… he referred to using “Wipikedia” last night. I thought DZ and I would pee ourselves laughing.

    I think I just peed myself a little, too. 😉 Someday we’ll have our own Amish-style colony, were there’s no technology that doesn’t make us comfortable, fat, lazy and rich.

  6. I do not know if I will keep my facebook and twitter accounts. ::laughs:: I do not get it…them! And I do not seem to be able to keep up!

    Aw, don’t give up! Tweet with us! … but Facebook is for networking. Join some writers networks. Then tell me what they are so I can too! 😀

  7. Facebook is not really a good networking site. It’s more for connecting with old friends and classmates. People are snobby and only tend to interact with folks they know. If you want to generate interest in your work, try booksie, authonomy or authorsden. [Maybe not authonomy if your purpose is to sell.]

    Facebook not being a good networking site is interesting. I’ve heard the exact opposite from others. And, I’ve checked out authonomy. I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet. I know it’s getting mixed reviews; not as many rise above the slush pile as authonomy seemed to offer hope to. And there’s a LOT of back-biting and down-rating of books by authors in last minute ditch efforts to RAISE their own. Sounds pretty high school to me. But I haven’t checked out the others, though I’ve heard of authorsden. Thanks for the tips!

    How are your works set up? Do you have them as PDF’s, ebooks? Where do have them stored?

    Not having a completed manuscript yet (still editing), I don’t have them ANYwhere just now. I’ve been posting the drafts on a fiction blog and on a deviantART page. I can convert them to any format, but right now, I’ve got to finish them first. Heh.

    If I could afford to buy my own domain, I could set up a download center to offer them electronically, but right now, my goal really is to just … write, I guess. For now. I dunno.

    I know booksie has something to help you make ebooks. You can post a few chapters as a teaser and then post a link to download. You can join for free. There’s a link on my blog if you’re in a lazy mood. You can check it out.

    Thanks! I will. 🙂

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