This Oasis is no Mirage …


There’s something going on in Oasis.

A tiny, isolated town.

An exhausted, overworked, under-appreciated nurse finishes a grueling shift.

Outside, in a nearby parking lot, a Red Cross trailer offers flu vaccines.

Something’s wrong, and Corbin St. Laurent knows it.  He checks the trailer out, and discovers terrorists are using it as a cover for something else.  Something sinister.  Something evil.

And Corbin’s too late.  Dozens have been infected.

Now he has to survive.  Survive the dangers of the infected townspeople whose numbers are growing exponentially, survive the deadly force that lives only to breed, multiply, expand.  He must stave off exhaustion, betrayal, abandonment and loss long enough to figure out what is going on in the sleepy desert town of Oasis … or figure out how to escape.  Alive.

Bryce Beattie is the author of Oasis, a gripping, apocalyptic novel of suspense, thrills, roller coaster excitement and survival.  If you didn’t read his online serial version, the novel is available through Amazon now.

Get your copy today.  And lock your doors … things are going bump in the night.



4 thoughts on “This Oasis is no Mirage …

  1. Your review is very enticing. But I’ll wait until after the holidays to snatch up a copy.

    Aww, are you sure? It’d make a great gift and it’s a great read! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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