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The Tennessee Titans have established themselves as the kings of the AFC today by beating (bad) the Pittsburgh Steelers. My condolences to my buds DarcZombie and KreeStee; losing is no fun, but your team is still a good one and can make a serious run at the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, my New England Patriots made complete MONKEYS of the Arizona Cardinals in blizzard conditions today. The NFC West champs looked like a community college team out there. C’mon, guys. The game is important even if you think it’s not. Anquan Boldin sitting on the bench?? J.J. Arrington on the bench?? Hell-LOOOOWW???

Oh well. And the San Francisco 49ers win their sixth game of the season in what looked like a last-minute effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by the hapless St. Louis Rams. Boy, I actually would’ve enjoyed seeing THAT one.

Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals for their victory over the incredibly unpredictable Cleveland Browns for bragging rights in the state of Ohio.

Exciting games so far this week. Can’t wait for the afternoon and evening games.

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One thought on “NFL Updates

  1. Knyt…The Road to Tampa clearly goes through the NY Giants. You have to beat them to do that. With home field Advantage..facing teams that they have beat in the season..the Giants are a clear favor for the pick Giants – Miami……Zman sends

    Can’t argue with NY being the best team in the NFC with the return of Brandon Jacobs, Zman, but I don’t think Miami’s going to represent the AFC. I think maybe NYG-TN is a real possibility, or NYG-Colts. I think they’re starting to hit on all cylinders, now, but the Steelers can be very hard to beat if Willie Parker gets healthy and their line can do a better job.

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