Random Updates

The old NFL logo, officially used between 1970...Well, I have nothing to blog about, and a couple of people I know have been doing memes lately … but I hate memes, so I don’t think I’ll do it.

Instead, I’ll bore you by regaling you with my happenings – or lack thereof – of late.

My wife has mentioned on her blog how I’m in labor pains with another book idea.  I like this one a lot.  She thinks it’s on par with Ghost Hunters, which is flattering coming from her, considering how much she loves GH.  I don’t know how I feel about that one.  But I’m sort of excited about this new one.  It’s got the potential to be flat-out scary.  (Now, if I can only prove I’m not a pathetic HACK.)  So I’m pretty jazzed about it.  I have about five hand-written pages of notes, a sort of rough outline, but I think I’m going to leave it at that.  I don’t want to strangle this one the way I did Witch Hunt.  I think I over-thought it and gave myself writer’s block.  A looser structure would allow more creative flow and … aw, who the hell am I kidding?  I have no idea why I’ve not written on that project in so long.  I guess my first priority is to finish editing GH, then I can worry about other projects.

I might just knock a couple of rough scenes out with this one though, while the images are fresh in my mind.  And it would at least be writing.

I had a “phone screen” scheduled for 3 p.m. today, but guess what?  The person never called.  Then I got a call at 3:35 p.m. from the recruiter who set it up, telling me her client was tied up doing something or other and she’d call me right back.  She called me again at 4 p.m. to say they could set it up for later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  I told her this afternoon I was booked (I’m not) and tomorrow morning doesn’t work.  How about 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon?  She said “Perfect!”  Very perky, very definitive.  “Perfect!”  And she hung up.

Five minutes later I get a call from Mr. Absentee Super-Special … Mr. ASS for short.  He tells me he’s in the train station and do I have <insert unintelligible noises from the background here>?  I asked him to repeat, and the EXACT same unintelligible noise overwhelmed him again.  I asked him to once more repeat, and he said he’d call me later.  I don’t know if I’ll answer or not.  I might just make him wait until 3 p.m. tomorrow.  The job’s for 30 days, isn’t anywhere NEAR enough money, and I’m only using it to extend my unemployment benefits … IF I take it at all.  At this point, I’m not sure it’s a good “fit”.  Heh.

The NFL’s been active the first 48 hours after the end of the 2008 season.  There have been three head coaches and at least four or five assistant coaches – three of them from the Houston Texans defensive coaching staff – fired.  In addition, the New England Patriots stand to lose a high-level executive of personnel, Scott Pioli, and Eric Mangini – a proven jackass and loser – has already been scheduled to meet with the Browns.  Mike Martz, Offensive Coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, has been released … for real, this time.  And that’s just in the first 48 hours.  Imagine what sort of offseason this will be.  And now, Mike Shanahan from the Denver Broncos has been canned, too.  Wow.

Well, that’s about it.  I have nothing to say, just like I told you.  Hope you’re having a great holiday season and are ready for the New Year.

God bless if I don’t talk to you beforehand.


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2 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. I was stunned to learn that the Denver Broncos fired Mike Shanahan. The team should have asked him to resign instead. He deserves better.

    I agree completely. Apparently, this came as a surprise to Mike. Who can blame him?

    I heard some rumor that he was fired because he refused to can an assistant (Def. Coordinator, maybe?). But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Sad. After all he’s done for them, and only Jeff Fisher has been with his team longer as the HC, why WOULDN’T you give the man a chance to resign?

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