I Want to Hear Your Stories

cartoonyghostsAs I listen to people talk about themselves and their lives, I’ve noticed something I didn’t pay much attention to before.

Almost everyone either has, or knows someone who has, a ghost story of some kind.  You know – ghosts in the attic which appear as ethereal, period-dressed Victorian actors, or voices in the basement where no one has been in decades, or perhaps a shadow, silhouette at the top of the stairs.  Creaking floors, opening and closing doors or cabinets, flying pots and pans, flipping pictures and portraits … you know the thing I’m talking about here.

It’s some seeming supernatural or paranormal event they can’t explain, that they related with wide eyes and ominous or hushed tones.  I don’t think I’ve come across someone yet who didn’t have one to share, and the level of creepiness varies from tale to tale.

Some folks have gotten quite good at relating their story, and if told by firelight or low-wicked lamps, would make H. P. Lovecraft or Mary Shelley shudder.  Others recount the story – or in some cases, stories – as casually as they would describe their conversation over lunch of tuna on rye with coleslaw.  Some are impacted deeply, others not so much.

I’m working on a new story idea lately, and the thought of ghost stories is hovering in my mind, at the fore.  I’m comparing battle scars with my wife, who has a few chilling tales of her own to share, and I don’t come close in the creepy factor.  But that’s a narrow slice, a tiny cross-section, of things I’ve heard before.  (Most of them elude me, though.)

What about you, blogosphere?  I want to hear from you.  If you’re willing, take a few minutes in the comments section and tell me your ghost story … or stories.  No cheating – no UFOs, no demonic possessions – just good ol’ fashioned ghost stories.  You know you have one – or you know one from someone close to you.  Share it with me.  Who knows?  I might even use the events (not the people of course) in my new book … if I ever write it, that is.

Sound off, y’all.

God bless,

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14 thoughts on “I Want to Hear Your Stories

  1. Hmmm… How about the time I came home to find people noosed and hanging from the light fixtures throughout my house. No wait, those were just plush toys. Sorry, ain’t got no ghost stories.

    Interesting. Nothing you’ve heard from the ‘rents or aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents? That’s a new one to me, if so. Most families have at least one.

  2. I have one. I was an exchange student in Germany and we would travel for 3-4 weeks around the country. Always stayed at Ehrenbreitstein Schloss in Koblenz. This was one of Hitler’s fall back command centers and was heavily damaged in fighting. The youth hostile section was very nice and part of the castle but as you can imagine there were ruins also. Teenage boy + ruins = exploring. Some friends and I were going down a long passageway in a bombed out section and as we came down a ramp we could see a German Wehrmacht soldier at the end of the hallway. It was so clear I see insignia and everything. He walked into an adjacent room and when we got to the end of the hallway there was nothing there. The room had only one entrance slash exit. Weird!

    Ah, the vanishing soldier! Very cool! Mind if I use it (sans soldier) in the new book?

  3. I don’t have any ghost stories. Ouija board stories, prophetic dreams, mind reading stories, but no ghosts. Sorry. Well, on second thought I guess the Ouija board people were ghosts, but some people think they’re demons, so…it’s up to you if you want to hear any of those.

    Would love to! The Ouija board plays a key role in the new book, and no matter whether I believe they’re ghosts or demons, I want to hear ’em! Fire ‘way!


  4. The house i grew up in you could hear voices in the basement…the original owner had died down there of a heart attack it sounded like people talking in the other room…the dog would bark every time he went down there. Zman sends

    Very interesting! Can you provide more details? This is exactly what I’m hoping to collect!

  5. Quick preface – I’m not crazy. Honest… ask DZ.

    Short story: Keep in mind the background is from neighbors – Prior owner of our house developed stomach cancer and didn’t know it until she had excruciating pain. Went to the Dr. and was diagnosed – we’ve heard the time from diagnosis to death anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Either way, an extremely short time to confront your own mortality. Died in our home from complications.

    Any time we change anything major in the house (rip out their old Christmas Tree, remove the dining room window and replace with a sliding glass door, etc.) we get activity. I got ‘assisted’ down the stairs head over heels. I’m klutzy and uncoordinated but this was a deliberate push or shove when I was the only person in the house. I ended up in the ER for xrays.

    Friends of ours will be at our house watching TV in the lower level living room and we’ll hear someone walking in the hallway on the upper level – but we’re all in the room and so are the dogs. It’s not normal house creaking but actual footsteps. My sister will no longer stay in our house by herself to watch the dogs, either.

    I finally ‘saw’ her about 3 months ago – I’ll have to email you the full details. Or, just call!


    Hoo-hoo, the push-down-the-stairs routine! Yes, please send me the details in an email along with your permission to USE the story (though this one’s so common I doubt it’s necessary)! Thanks, Kree!!

  6. I might send you an email. I had a friend who came every time I used the Ouija board. Then there was a guy who seemed to be playing pranks on us. Another lady wanted to dance, and we let her. When we attached a pen to the planchette the prankster guy drew a big inward spiral to show what it looked like where he was.

    I was the oldest of us kids, and I am absolutely sure that no one was pushing it 90% of the time. There’s an obvious difference between dragging the planchette and chasing it around the board.

    Very cool! Yeah, send ’em — unless you don’t want them used. 🙂 Include your express written permission if you’re willing! 😀 Thanks!

  7. Oh, man. I have plenty. I’m actually collecting a whole bunch from the town of West Yellowstone, where I end up spending a lot of time. I have multiple reports of Ghosts from at least 3 different hotels up there. I myself have heard footsteps upstairs while I was working on computers in the lobby of one.

    My parents were in England a couple of summers ago and one night heard footsteps in their room off and on for the entire night.

    Ooh, disembodied footsteps and the haunted hotel(s) routine! Make with the details, bud! Can’t wait to hear ’em … and won’t use ’em if you don’t want, but I still wanna hear ’em!

  8. Well, the third floor of one motel has no windows and for years was operated as a brothel. The owner’s wife once caught him in bed with one of the, ahem, “working girls”, went crazy and shot him.

    There’s a painting of some western scene some Indians hung inside the lobby that is said to have been on the other side of the wall from where this happened, and I was told that the bullet passed through the wall and punched a hole in the painting, right through the forehead of the painted Indian chief. I’ve gone to the motel and checked this out, and there is a hole in the painting, albeit not in the forehead.

    I know several folks who have worked there and refused to go up onto that third floor (rooms are in poor condition and are not rented out, fyi) due to creepy happenings, objects flying across rooms and such.

    I had their maintenance guy take me up there and give me the tour one day. He says he’s had a number of bizarre things happen to him up there. Part of the third floor empties into attic space. The maintenance guy that one day while working on lighting, the ghost pushed him through the ceiling.

    Nothing happened while I was up there, though.

    Hmm … veeeerrrry interesting … cool stuff. Feel free to post others or email me. If you’re okay with me using them let me know, otherwise I’ll assume not. Thanks, Bryce!

  9. I wrote a post about living in a house that is haunted (because I do) but Ouija board is a teen slumber party tale.

    It was my friend Debbie’s 13th birthday. We were all 12 or 13. A bunch of Catholic school girls with all the accompanying training, so playing around with the spirit world was charged with all manner of angst.

    We were in the laundry room, a typical square box off the rec room with vinyl flooring and stark white shelving. The board was set up on the floor midway between the door and the washer and dryer. There were two votive candles in those little cup like holders they have in churches. We circled the board and asked all manner of little girl questions about boys and love and babies we dreamed of having – nothing practical, no inquiries into careers or future finances or even adventures. Of course it spelled gibberish at us half the time and we took turns being accused of pushing the plachette(?). Anyway, we finally asked the spirit to prove it was in the room with us. Blow out one of the candles, we told it. Nothing happened. Debbie’s mom called us for pizza and we left.

    When we returned only one of the candles was burning. The one closest to the door had a flame that extended above the glass holder. The one farthest away? Out.

    Ooh, very cool, and exactly what I need for the story I have in mind. Is it all right to use it?

  10. My sister was house sitting for a rich couple who have no kids. She kept hearing kids laughing and squealing all day, like that which is in the Little House on the Prairie background noise track, and skateboards clicking and running on flooring. She kept looking outside seeing nothing. She could’ve sworn the noises were coming from upstairs. She went upstairs and at the bottom of the full-length mirror hanging on the bathroom door were tiny kid handprints made with baby powder. She heard a faint giggle behind her and ran out of the bathroom.

    My friend Monica was babysitting at a house in Virgina. The house had been used as part of the underground railroad. And the little kid she watched would always ask her about the black people he kept seeing in the house. “Why is that black lady cooking in our kitchen?” “Moses says he wants to play trucks with me, can we go outside?” Monica would always hear pipes banging, regular, typical stuff. One day the little boy started calling out her name. She went to check on him and he was sleeping. When she was in his room, she still heard her name being called from another part of the house.

    Woo, good ones, Courtney! Is it okay to use them? Awesomeness!

  11. OH. My Friend Monica would turn on the water in one of the bathrooms and it would turn off by itself. Being an old house, it was one with the dual spouts, one for hot water and one for cold. She could never get both spouts to work at the same time for more than a few seconds. She often heard whispered conversations.

    Thanks! MORE coolness!

  12. Oh, if anything I ever post give you ideas – feel free to use them. I may very well write a compilation of the weird stories I’ve gathered about West Yellowstone, but that’s a ways off.

    I had a friend that used to see a guy in a top hat in mirrors, walking down the hall, etc. Never for more than a second or so, but still he caught glimpses.

    Another friend had weird goings on right after they got married – lights & TVs turning on & off. His wife was convinced it was the spirit of their future child. The weirdness went away after they got pregnant and he was born.

    There’s a house about 4 blocks away that never stays rented for more than a year at a time – too much wierdness going on. Stuff moving around. I’ve even heard (second hand) that folks living there see the stuff moving.

    When I bought my house, it was a dump. The previous owner had died in the house with a gun under her pillow. I bought it from her estate. This was right before I got married. In my rush to get things done, I hired an uncle to do some of the work. He claimed while that while he was there alone he heard voices in the house. We’ve never experienced thing like that, though. Although my house has even more bad history. When I was cleaning out the garage, I found an old handwritten 6 page letter written by a woman to somebody, either a therapist or maybe even her ex. She wrote about all manner of crap that had happened to her. She described how her brother used to pin her down and spit on her face and how her husband’s violence sent her to the emergency room more than once while she was pregnant. If that’s not enough of an emotional charge to trigger odd events, I don’t know what is. I wasn’t able to tell what the signature said – it could have been the lady that died there or it could have been one of her kids. Another aside: I also found an old witchcraft book in the basement whilst I was cleaning the place out.

    All I can say is that I’ve been in and around my share of paranormal activity.

    Wow, you sure have! I see a couple of cool things here — but don’t worry, I won’t be so specific I create problems for anyone wanting to use their own stuff later. I just want to compile some paranormal happenings and see which ones I can work into my story to scare the heck outta my MC. 🙂 Thanks, bud!

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