National De-Lurking Day

Yikes! I almost missed this one!  H/t to Anniegirl1138 for this one.

It’s National De-Lurking Day, the day when all bloggers who read a blog but never say a word to announce their presence are called out to say “hi” and let us bloggers know you’re there.

C’mon, Lurkers — you know you want to. Pop in and leave a greeting here, and let the blogulars know you’re there.

Peek-a-boo! We see you!


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2 thoughts on “National De-Lurking Day

  1. Whoaaa… I commented on WIGSF’s blog today for the first time, effectively delurking, without even KNOWING that today was the day to do it!

    Well, there you have it then! Good for you. I’m sure he appreciates it!

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