Just When You Thought it was Safe …

Well … I thought I was beyond all the sticks-n-stones phases of life, where names no longer really hurt you.  Do we ever truly outgrow such nonsense?

And so, in perusing my search terms this evening to see if anything other than people desirous of creating a resume for marriage had come across my blog, lo and behold, I found this gem:

Ain’t that cute?  Someone searching for a caricature manatee found me.

I’m charmed to make your acquaintance, all right?  Happy now?  You’ve see your frickin’ cartoon manatee.  Move along.



5 thoughts on “Just When You Thought it was Safe …

  1. That’s nothing. I get hits everyday from search engine terms like ‘smurf penis’ and ‘turkey porn’ and ‘hairy boobs.’
    Sure, I may have written on all those subjects, but why are people looking for them.

    That’s always been my question too. Yes, writing about these things is weird, but it’s WEIRDER by far to have someone actively SEEKING those things! Brrrr!

  2. OMG this is too funny! Someone found me through “bad marriage proposals” weird….

    Wow! I get a lot of “bio-data for marriage proposal” searches. Can you imagine having to send a resume out for a marriage proposal? Now, THAT’S a bad one!

  3. Hmm.. well, at least they weren’t looking at your site for other manatee related terms like ‘sea cow’ or ‘mermaid.’ Those would have reaaaaally damaged your psyche 😉

    I rarely look at my stats, much less the search terms that people use to find me, but to my great amusement someone actually used ‘Dell scum’ to find me this week. That just makes my day.

    “Dell scum”? LOL! Oooo-kay … you sort of expect that kind of behavior from Mac people, but to single out a brand like that? Jeez! Isn’t that a cardinal sin here in the Obama era?

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