A Major Award!

Well, now, how’s this for flattering!

I’ve received not one, but two major awards!

One from my buddy WhatIGotSoFar, who’s a pretty awesome blogger, and if you’re not reading his blog you’re missing out.  He’s given me the Kreativ Blogger Award!   Which is very, very flattering, considering how uncreative I am, and is mere testimony to his generosity.  Thanks, bud!

The second award is from new friend GoodBadandUgly2, who’s a funny and plucky li’l feist I found by accident … or did she find me?  I forget.  But you have to follow along with her “NOT IT” exploits and see how much fun owning a cat and not having kids can be.  And she says I’ve inspired her.  How sweet.  She awards me the Addictive Blog award!  W00t!  Addiction!

Thank you to both.  I’m honored.

And so, without further ado, here are the awards:



*Insert uproarious applause here*

Thank you … thank you so much. And now, for compliance with the rules:

For my addictive blog award, I pass this on to the people in section 3 (see below), and for the Kreativ Blogger award, see below:

  1. List six things that inspire your creativity
  2. Pass the award on to 7 more kreativ bloggers
  3. Link back to the person who gave you the award
  4. Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know

1. List six things that inspire your creativity

  1. My wife!  Woo!  Wife!
  2. My kids!  Woo!  Kids!
  3. My friends!  Woo!  I have some!  Friends like Raga, Ben and Kristy, Bryce, WIGSF, GoodBadandUgly2, Sherri, and many more.  Wait … there ARE no more.
  4. Food.  That’s right, food.  Yum, food.  Love it.
  5. Stephen King (okay, he probably ranks higher than food on this list, but no one said they were in order.  Well, the first three are, but not this one.)
  6. My Lord and King Jesus Christ.  (See?  This is number one, but I put it here.)

2. Pass the award on to 7 more kreativ bloggers

  1. My wife!  Woo!  Wife!
  2. My buddy Ben!  Woo!  Ben!
  3. My other buddy Bryce!  Yeah!  Bryce!  (Read Oasis!  Get it at Amazon!)
  4. My OTHER buddy Raga!  Yay, Raga!!  She inspires me too!
  5. Sherri deserves this too.  She’s addictive.  I love her style.
  6. WhatIGotSoFar (WIGSF).  He’s a crack-up.  Read ‘im and pee.  Your pants.  With laughter.
  7. And, last but not least by any means, Kristy, who inspires my football muse.  Thanks!

3. Link back to the person who gave you the award

Done … GoodBadandUgly2 and WIGSF gave these to me.

And, because I haven’t tagged her before, I’d like to give an honorary Kreativ Blogger award to Anniegirl1138, who is creative indeed.  Congrats to all the new appointees!

Again, thank you to both WIGSF and GoodBadandUgly2 for awarding me these wonderful and ego-inflating awards.  I really appreciate them and promise to become an insufferably arrogant ass in response to acknowledgment of my greatness.

God bless, all!



4 thoughts on “A Major Award!

  1. Hooray for tagging me as inspiring your football muse and making you search ever more diligently to provide me with little-known nuggets of football knowledge that I don’t already know!

    LOL — the honor is mine! Now … learning to spell your name correctly despite having seen it in print? Well … I’m less adept there, I’m afraid.

    DZ already calls you my “FBFF” or “Football Best Friend Forever” since we swap stats, stories, and breaking news so much. If I didn’t know him better, I’d say he was a touch jealous 😉

    Pff. It’s only because I’m out of work and able to do that. Otherwise we’d both be outta luck. 😉

    On a more serious note, I believe that he has both of us scheduled for an intervention / detox on the Monday morning immediately following the SuperBowl. We’d best get our fix during the Championship games and the big game itself. More details to come.

    I can certainly use an intervention. Hey, maybe the rehab center’s hiring.

    Congrats on your award(s)!

    Thank you. 🙂

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