Several months ago, I had a strange dream, parts of which are still with me today.  Nothing major, but the sensations and general feeling are there for the recall, and a couple of really strong images as well.  In fact, the images are still so strong in my mind they can, should I close my eyes, evoke the same physiological response they did the night I had the dream.

When I was a young child – and this would have had to take place after 1971, because my grandfather was already dead – I had a dream, and at least one of the images from that childhood night terror stays with me to this day.  And about six years ago, another dream left a lingering image on my mental retinas which I can still see if I try.

The images dreams provide us are very powerful, and for some reason, the more frightening and disturbing they are, the better we can recall them.  Which is strange, since people mostly want to push unhappy thoughts and images OUT of their minds.  It’s far easier for us to recall the happy times than the hard ones.  I know I can give only the broadest accounting of events that occurred during what is without doubt the hardest time my wife and I have ever experienced.  Yet, it’s of no effort at all for me to recall the laughing, jovial moments we had during that same time period.

Those images, when strong enough, can fuel our art, our actions and our attitudes.  Some have even changed the direction of their lives on the strength of dreams.  The Bible (yes, ALSO capitalized when specifically referring to the collection of religious texts of the Judeo-Christian traditions) is replete with stories of God (again, when referring to the Supreme Being as stated in the Judeo-Christian or any monotheistic belief system, is CAPITALIZED) and His influence over specific individuals through dreams.  And dreams do offer a mysterious and poorly-understood door into our minds and subconscious processes.  Oh, to truly understand dreams!

What special dream images have you stored in your memory?  What pictures, sounds, smells or tastes harbor safely in your gray matter because they came so powerfully, so undeniably, through those movies which play behind your eyes when you sleep?  Which ones do you recall best?  Which have only left faint wraiths echoing in the chambers between your ears?


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5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. The first dream which came to mind was one I had around age 8, maybe? I was a beautiful blond lady in a green silk gown, sitting in a church pew with a handsome soldier, the old kind with a sword. Civil War era, maybe. Anyway, he split into a bunch of tiny guys with swords who then attacked me.

    Wow. For eight years old, that must’ve been pretty scary. Interesting images.

  2. Hmm most of the time, I can’t remember what I dream, but a lot of the time when I can remember my dreams my sister likes to analyze them….

    Ha! My wife loves dream analysis too. She’s pretty good at it, though her data’s kind of old now and I don’t know when the last time was she’s updated her info. But she’s nailed a couple of ’em for me.

  3. Houses are a running theme with multiple floors that require climbing and contortions that remind me of getting in and out of a treehouse. Roads are also rollercoasterish with tunnels and drop offs. Bridges always sink or simply end and leave me hurtling towards water fall below. People are always those I know but often look completely different.

    Yeah, the deal with people we’re familiar with looking completely different is a weird consistency with me too.

    One memorable stretch of dreams had Steven Spielberg constantly following me about trying to get my attention even though he was never part of the actual story line of the dream. Weird, hey?

    Definitely, hey. 😉 But then, I’ve had some doozies myself.

  4. I can’t shake the image of this one dream. Godzilla appearing next to this Honda dealership that was down the street from where I used to live. I had the dream a couple of times when I was living there. But that was more than 20 years ago. The Honda dealership isn’t even there anymore. It’s s Nissan or something now. The Honda dealership moved around the corner to fancier new digs. Or maybe it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex…

    I think you’d know the difference.

    Come to think of it, how much difference is there between the standard Godzilla (not any of those crazy new Godzillas) and a t. rex? Just some plates along the spine and tail, right? That’s the only physical difference.

    Nope. Size. Size matters, m’man, and T-Rex stood a whopping 20 ft. tall, while Godzilla goes a staggering 50 stories or some crap. T-Rex couldn’t stomp around in downtown Tokyo like that. G’zilla is amphibious, too; T-Rex isn’t known to be a swimmer, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t. Oh, and G’zilla has no trouble with his arms being too short, and has that nifty radioactive breath T-Rex didn’t have, either. Just some off-the-cuff observations. But hey, a big lizard’s a big lizard, right? Unless dinosaurs are more avian than reptilian, of course, which is another debate altogether ….

  5. I have a few, but I will share one:

    When I was six, I dreamed of falling from the wing of an airplane. I can still picture that one clearly and it’s now 26 years later.

    I’m not really sure where that one came from because at that time I had never flown in an airplane (and actually didn’t until I was around 12). It was a vivid dream though; somehow I had gotten out onto the wing of a large passenger jet – and then I fell…


    Wow. Being an acrophobe, that would’ve left me in a puddle of sweat, and my bed in a puddle of something quite different. That’s a … well, let’s just say that’s a powerful image, especially for someone who hadn’t flown yet. Thank you for sharing it with me; I hope one day you’ll share a few others. 🙂

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