So the Drama!

Web 2.0 - No one owns it
Image by Paul Watson via Flickr

Oh, the drama!  *Throws his head back, drapes his brow with his wrist and collapses onto a chaise!*

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, drama is everywhere on the Internet.  When I was a young buck, I attributed Internet drama to childish, isolated minds whose sole social experiences were summed up in Cyberspace itself.  So many, seeking to be the center of attention, the focus of all adoration.  Any who opposed such individuals were “mean” or “heartless” and the subject of violent emotional rants filled with cyber-tears and judgments.  Battle lines were quickly drawn and sides chosen post haste.  The names!  The flames!  The games!  Ah, the Internet in all its glory!

I shunned chat rooms and IMs for the longest time because of things just like this, and made myself scarce in forums.  I only spent my time on the Internet in search of information and staying in touch with people I knew.  I chatted only in friendly confines and avoided flame wars like pox-ridden corpses.

Much has changed with Web 2.0, has it not?  Information on the web, while not necessarily reliable, is certainly better presented.  There are sites for every need and every taste, but the old, dungeon-like realms of wet, dark corners of dripping lichen and moss-crusted chilling chambers still abide, though less a percentage of the whole than before.  It’s more tame, in some ways, and yet remains wild and aggressive in corners where light does not reach.

But the drama, people – the drama remains!  Despite the new surge of technological media, the Twitters and the Facebooks and the MySpaces, and the text messages and the SMS and the RSS … nothing is safe from it!  Nothing is sacred, nothing hidden, nothing chaste and pure of it!  The woe is me of it all!  The stabbing hearts and bleeding orifices!  The tearful blastings and soulful reprisals!  The vehemence and vitriol!  OH, the humanity!

Or should I say, Oh the MUNDANITY?

Yes, Web 2.0 is different.  And the same.  Is it not?


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3 thoughts on “So the Drama!

  1. Drama, mundanity – whatever you call it, it’s not likely it will go away.

    Before I ever worked as a writer, I was involved in managing a few large gaming communities on the web. The drama never stops….

    Yeah, that was my point. It’s all the same people behind all the new technology; how CAN it be different? 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Interesting post..Not much into chat rooms but hey there are trollers everywhere..cant really stop it though…Zman sends

    Nope, can’t stop it. Just funny how the tricks stay the same no matter how advanced we get. Thanks for stopping by!

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