Well! How ’bout THAT?

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That was quite a show the teams put on for Super Bowl XLIII, wasn’t it?  What a great game!  As a fan of neither team, but a lover of the game, I can appreciate the excitement.  This time.

Last time a Super Bowl was lost in the last 35 seconds of the game, I wasn’t a happy camper.  But … hey, it’s all in the past, right?

So anyway, the Steelers are world champions again, for the sixth time.  They are the first NFL franchise in history to win six, and they deserve to be happy and proud tonight.

As for the Cardinals and their fans, please know that my beloved and I understand how you feel.  At least you weren’t the heavily favored team, only to be upended unexpectedly.  And your team played a great, exciting game.  As a fan, I thank you, and congratulations on a really fantastic 2008-2009 season.  May you have many more.

And you know what?  I’m 2-3 in my Super Bowl wishes for the last five years.  I rooted for the Patriots (W), the Seahawks (L), the Colts, sort of, but only because I hate the Bears more (W), the Patriots (L, which still makes me throw up a little in my mouth when I think about it), and the Cardinals (L, but I really didn’t hold out much hope and they played a better game than I thought they would).  I’m going to have to admit that prognostication is not the same as my emotional pick and start using my head and not my heart to decide who I want to win.  I’ll be a happier person, and you’d think I’d know that at my age.  Sheesh.

So, I have very happy friends in Columbus, OH, and I’m glad for them.  I hope the moment was everything you dreamed it would be, and more.  Our hearts rejoice with you.

Even though we wanted the Cards to win.  Heh.

Congratulations, Ben and Kristy.  🙂



8 thoughts on “Well! How ’bout THAT?

  1. yea, I was rooting for either one…no big deal, but interesting nontheless, esp. that 4th quarter…

    Yeah, a great finish. Looked like the Stillers would run away with it early but the Cards made a real show of it. I was grateful for that, at least!

  2. I’ll tell you why the Cards lost: The Curse of the Sherri. 90% of the time I root for a team, that team loses. The Cowboys are exempt on a game-by-game basis, but they haven’t come through when it mattered, because they’re “my team.” And yet, I always pick sides. I’m so irresponsible.

    But yeah, it was a great game.

    Now you’ll never know if it was the Sherri curse or the Darc curse. If I look back at all the Super Bowls of all time, I bet my record’s not a winning one. And while your team is exempt, mine wasn’t. They lost when they had their one shot at history. The Steelers, at least, seized theirs.

  3. I still throw up in my mouth a little too.

    That’s it? We’re only 2-3 on SB’s? Wow.

    What’s this “we” stuff, white-woman? 😉 In the last five years, yes, only the ’04 Pats and the ’06 Colts — and you know how I was about THAT game — have been teams I wanted to win that did. If I go backward in time, it’ll get worse, I’m sure. I have to go back to the ’80s to have a decent percentage.

  4. I picked the Cardinals to win. Oh well…

    So did my wife. She actually PICKED them, as in, thought they’d win the game. I have no idea why, but I must say, they did a better job than I anticipated. It was a great game.

  5. I have to interject something here. I hate the phrase “throw up a little in my mouth.” Where else are you going to throw up from? Is it really necessary to say “in my mouth.” We know that throw up comes from the mouth, and not the ears. Frankly, if your throw up was from anywhere but your mouth, you should go see a doctor.

    Sorry you feel that way, and I hate to get all semantic on you, but the problem with your argument is the word “in” as opposed to “from” or “out of” or “through”. Throwing up — vomiting, of course — would essentially be a back-flush of stomach contents through the intake orifice. To throw up from somewhere other than one’s mouth would indeed require medical attention — except, naturally, for the nasal passages, directly connected to the oral passage — but to throw up IN one’s mouth implies a restraint of the expulsion, NOT an abnormal conductance. Or you simply didn’t allow the contents to exit through the mouth and held them there. This is not a medical problem unless and until you CANNOT expel them.

    I don’t know if this fits in with your whole fisting philosophy, but “in my mouth” in this context is redundant.

    See above; not so.

    When I hear somebody say “I throw up a little in my…” I expect to hear anything but mouth. Shoes, purse, toilet, backyard, baby’s crib are all acceptable things to say as for places to throw up. But not “mouth.”

    Those are valid points too, but do NOT exclude the possibility of vomiting into one’s own mouth. “Vomit” — colloquially, “throwing up” — generally indicates the material is ejected THROUGH the mouth to the exterior, not retained in the mouth.

    I’m sorry for going off on you a bit here, but I this is a pet peeve of mine and I feel if I voiced my opinions in a public place, people would stop saying that redundant statement.

    You don’t need to apologize, but stand corrected, sir. If you want to split hairs, make sure you do so to the root. 😉

  6. I’m too wiped out from last night’s roller coaster of emotions to adequately comment today. Catch me tomorrow 🙂

    I can, however, quote the immortal Pittsburgh Steelers Polka (sung to the tune of the Beer Barrel Polka)

    ~~We’re from the town with the great football team… we cheer the Pittsburgh Steelers! ~~

    Well, then! There it is! 😀

  7. Although I’m in Canada, I was cheering for the Steelers anyway. It was a great game for sure.

    Also I’m letting all my favorite bloggers know: If you enjoy a good book, please check out what were up to. If you like the idea of free books, please do feel free to share it with the world.


    Thanks, Trevas! I appreciate the favoritism. 😉 It was indeed a great game, and I’ll let everyone know about the books. I’m all about the free books! 🙂

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