So, a couple of months ago, I had a huge spike in traffic on my blog, and I couldn’t figure out why.  When I checked my referral hit counter, it showed a few hits from a place I’d never heard of before:

Being a newbie to such things, I immediately went out finding what the heck this place is all about.

It’s a site wherein blogs from all over the place are pulled in and displayed on a rotating basis.  For a few seconds, a blog is shown in a section of the site’s window.  This allows you to check out the site, see if you like it, want to go read, or whatever.  If not, the site will cycle through and another site will be shown in a few seconds.  Just wait it out.

The whole thing is magic, as far as I can tell.  While I’m not a web programming guru, it looked like alchemy to me, but some of you may have better brains and understand how it works better.

Along with cycling through the sites – and of course, those who donate to the site are giving higher priority than us po’ folks – the main page gives you the option to pause on a site, check it more thoroughly, and move through the site to see if it’s something you like.  You can also enter an AIID# (AlphaInventions ID number, provided upon payment of donations) and get left in place longer.  A fair number of the blogs shown display posts about the site, and that’s another way to increase your visibility.

While I watched, I saw several of the blogs cycle through repeatedly before a whole other set appeared.  The site encourages readers to stop and comment on the sites they see, and promote the AlphaInventions site, which in turn promotes your blog, which in turn exposes you to blogs, and so on and so forth.  It’s a mutual back-scratch of mutual assistance.  The more you help AlphaInventions, the more readers you get.  Period.  It’s that simple.

There’s also a manual input field, whereby you can inject your blog into the cycle.  (I’ve done this a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to work very well; one pass is all I’ve ever gotten.)  This will, in turn, bump someone else out of the queue, but only the one time, as far as I could tell.  Then it goes back to normal.

As I type this, I’ve seen my blog come up once in the queue, but when the site grabbed my blog out of the ether, I got a bunch of hits (not so much with self-injecting on the main page).  Others are saying they got thousands of hits with it, but I’ve never seen any results like that.  Still, the idea’s intriguing.

There’s an associated blog for information about what it is and even some of how it works here.  And the first post?  It says if you write a nice post about AlphaInventions, you’ll automatically be added to the reading cycle until someone else blogs about the site.  If you want an easy way to drive traffic to your blog, this is certainly effective and helpful.  Check it out.


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