Premio Dardos Award

I’ve been award the prestigious (at least, I choose to think it is) Premio Dardos Award!

My friend AnnieGirl1138 was gracious enough to bestow upon my humble slice of cyberspace pie an award “… for his honesty, his unapologetic world-view and for being a fellow writer sharing his journey with other writers.”

Thank you so much, Annie.  I’m honored.

premio_dardos_award11It’s been interesting, this journey I’ve been on.  I’ve been on this road for a long time — much longer than I care to remember, frankly — but the writer aspect is a new wrinkle.  I considered writing as a legitimate career for the first time about 12 years ago.  Before that, I thought writing was fun, wanted to write, but really didn’t give much effort to the craft.  When I stopped to think about it the last time, I knew I’d been ignoring a calling, an inherent part of who I am, for waaaay too long, and it was time to make a change.

That lead me to start blogging, and to start researching the craft of writing.  In the last year or so, my growth has been greater than at any time before … maybe all time before.  I owe a lot of that growth to some friends, a couple of ex-friends, and Stephen King.  Without King’s writing, I wouldn’t be writing at all at this point, and without his wisdom, the growth I’ve seen over the last year would’ve been stunted.

So, part of what this space is, is a place for me to share what I’ve learned with you, in hope that someone might find some of the things I’ve learned beneficial.  And I hope you can glean something from the rest of the crap slapped all over this thing so I can justify its existence.

And now, per the standards of blog awarding, it is incumbent upon me to bestow the honor on other bloggers who merit such award.

My Beloved Wife — Despite not having anything to say quite often, she’s trying  to provide blog entertainment to the masses every day for a year.  I find that admirable, and courageous.  She spends hours upon hours (upon hours) fishing through the Internet to find things she can share with her readers, and she tries to reply to every commenter personally.  She’s got a phenomenon on her hands in her “Chicago Sucks” library — an accidental phenomenon at that — and she’s working diligently to provide interesting topics for her readers.  Have yourself an award, darling.

Sherri — One of my best buds, and a great help to me in learning to be a writer.  Her clear, crisp wit and good ol’ fashioned cornpone way of addressing her readers is heart-warming, enviable, and for God’s sake, someone please convince her that she could write a book in her own voice and it would sell.  Hot and fast, it would sell.  Sherri’s a wide-eyed innocent despite nearly four decades of living life on Earth, and she traipses through the meadow of the world with wide-eyes locked up, toward the sky.  The occasional step into the manure littering the entire place doesn’t deter her long … only long enough to clean it off and keep going.  That kind of wide-eyed innocence deserves an award, and I’m only sorry this is all I can give her.

WhatIGotSoFar — Good ol’ WIGSF is a sharp wit.  He never fails to give us a chuckle, and he’s collected a tight-knit, loyal cadre of blog commentors.  I never miss one of his posts, and his insomniac blogging posts are destined to be a worldwide sensation soon.  Soon.  He’s not a writer, but he’s made me think, and has even offered scenarios which may just find their way into my writing.

Bryce — One of my first out-of-circle readers, I read his blog because he commented on mine.  It’s common courtesy, after all, right?  But once I did, I found a talented writer with a very different style than I’d previously been exposed to.  I found a young man of wisdom and wit willing to share his experiences and gleaned nuggets with me.  He also clarified some things for me that pulled me from the depths of a tailspin I couldn’t find my way out of alone.  Along the way, Bryce suffered something I couldn’t have handled, and did so with a strength and courage I will never forget.  I love Bryce as a person, as a friend and as a writer.  You will, too.  Check him out.

Creative Burst — I don’t know Courtney very well, and I met her by accident.  I think one of my posts was linked to one of hers by WordPress, if I’m not mistaken; or it might’ve been I was browsing the WordPress tag “writing” or something.  Whatever the case, I found someone on a similar path to mine, and whose posts are informative and filled with information writers can use, now, in their writing.  She works to assist us down the writing road, and I think that deserves an award.

Well, that’s about it this time.  I have so many loving friends I could list here, but I’m not entirely sure what the award is for, so I don’t want to make a fool of myself (any further) by going on.

Once again, AnnieGirl, thank you so much for the award.  I’m touched, honored and appreciative of your consideration, from among all the bloggers you could’ve chosen.  I’m blessed.

And, may all of you be blessed, too.