Steekeen Batches

Okay, so I had little to do today, and felt my Photoshop Wheaties, so I made another rank badge for the prestigious Order of the Fist.

This is for the many I’ve had approach me about how one joins.  Joining is simple: Obey me, and stomp all adverbs which end with “-ly” from your fiction prose.  That’s it.  Obey me is most important, however.  So you know.

Now then, for those seeking membership:


It’s a little plain, not quite as fancy as those of higher rank, but hey – you’re a newbie, right?  Until I see even words like “obviously” and “quietly” stomped, you don’t earn the next level.  Which also gives me time to come up with the next level anyway.

So, if you consider yourself a rising anti-adverbite, here you go.  Enjoy.


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ALL rights reserved.


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