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My headaches only come in two flavors: Raging migraine, and annoyance.

Most of my headaches are due to sinus issues.  I’ve had them all my life, but only in my late 20s was the cause determined.  And of all people to make that determination, it was my optometrist who did it.  He also gave me the biggest help I’ve ever had in treating them, despite seeing doctors for more than 10 years about my head-pain prior to that.

Since then, I’ve been successfully controlling my headaches by properly handling my sinuses.  Except for a sinus infection once that really tore me up, I’ve been all right with my headaches and have treated them with over-the-counter medications for years.

When they hit raging migraine, I’m finished.  I have to drug up, find someplace where I can collapse with my head upright (not as easy as it sounds) and wait.  In quiet and dark.  (Again, not as easy as it sounds.)  If I clip it before that, I can knock ’em out pretty good.  Even my beloved one leaves the house armed to the teeth against these predatory cranial attackers on my behalf.

As I write this, I have a headache that’s in the “annoying” stage, but refuses to be dulled.  I’m ready to dive-bomb it with more OTCs, but the weather’s on the move here, and will be for the rest of the weekend.  Couple that with Earth hurtling toward the vernal equinox, and the change of seasons heralds a bad headache time of year.  (Spring is worst; summer next.  Autumn tends to be best, but this past autumn was a very poor headache season for me.)

I’ve become a connoisseur of headache pain in my four decades.  I can determine which ones are caused from muscle-tension, generally related to stress, which ones are sinusitis, and which are caffeine rebound-related.  Isn’t that nice?  I have the ability to distinguish headaches like others can distinguish fine wines.

What about you?  What are you a connoisseur of, an expert in, or an authority on?  (All of those sentences do, in fact, end in prepositions.)  You’re fantastic at something which seems weird to others, most likely — what is it?

Sound off, y’all!